Lets you take a deep breath!

US$ 305.00

Filters fine dust and odours from the air
Recommended for allergy sufferers
With washable particle filter
Room size: 50 m²
Color White

Product information Viktor

The air purifier Viktor filters air that is polluted by fine dust, pollen, odours and germs with maximum effort and lets you take a deep breath of fresh air! The specially developed HPP Filter System purifies the room air most efficiently while the active carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odours. With five performance levels (quiet to powerful) and dimmable night-mode LED control lights, the air purifier Viktor never robs you of a good night’s sleep!

Product family Air purifier
System Active carbon & HPP filter
Color white
Accessories (included) Viktor filter pack (Pre- and active carbon filter)
Room size m² 50
Room size m³ 125
Power level 5
Power consumption 10 – 38 W
Noise level 30.5 – 57 dB(A)
Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 246 x 451 x 246 mm


Good to know

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This problem can be rectified by positioning your hands correctly. Please start by checking that the two red latches on the side of the HPP filter are closed. Then hold the front edge of Viktor with your left hand. With your right hand, push underneath where it reads “Push to open”. 

Exactly the same procedure can be followed when opening the door. The door is intentionally difficult to open and close because it needs to be tightly sealed to ensure the best possible cleaning results.

Very small quantities of ozone are produced as a by-product during the electrostatic filtering of air. However with Viktor, those tiny quantities are well below the limits prescribed by law and in no way harmful to health. The minimal ozone emissions are generally adsorbed again by the activated carbon filter and do NOT enter the indoor air. Unlike ozone generators which are harmful to health, Viktor does not produce ozone in order to purify the air. If you can smell ozone when your Viktor is in operation, this seemingly similar smell may even be coming from the new activated carbon and will usually disappear after the device has been in operation for a few hours.

If the HPP filter is clogged with dirt or not completely dry after cleaning, you may hear crackling noises from inside the device or Viktor may stop working altogether. Only use Viktor if the HPP filter is completely dry and clean the filter regularly. You will find instructions on cleaning the HPP filter printed on the side of the HPP filter.




Toller Reiniger aber viel zu laut

Ich bin ein grosser Fan von Stadler Produkten und habe 5 Geräte aber dieser Reiniger macht im Vergleich zu anderen Luftreinigern einen viel zu grossen Lärm. Die verbauten PC Lüfter sind einfaxh zu laut und wenn ich könnte würde ich das Gerät tausc...

Review from Michael Weber at 23.05.2023

Viktor ist ein Spitzen Produkt

Guten Tag Liebes Stadler Form Team, Hier meine 2. Bewertung für Viktor. Habe einen 2. Viktor Bestellt bei Ihnen für meine Küche. Wie auch bei meiner ersten Bewertung hat mich dieses Produkt sehr Überzeugt. Dies ist das beste Produkt das ich auf de...

Review from Anonymous at 08.07.2021
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The Designer

Since the very start, I have had the privilege to co-develop and design products for Martin Stadler and the Stadler Form Team. What began with Fred, has grown into an attractive, small but fine range of products. This experience, and being part of the team, has greatly enriched myself and my work as a designer ...

Matti Walker

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