What makes us and our products special

We have been developing aesthetic and practical household appliances for improving the indoor climate and well-being for more than 25 years. We are passionate about our work on innovations for the home. We focus on improving air quality, equipping living and office spaces with appealing and efficient devices. Our products are among the best in terms of form, function and operation and make stylish companions for our customers.

Insights from Martin Stadler

Find out why Martin Stadler founded the company and the challenges he faced along the way. He also tells how the various Stadler Form products came about.

Milestones for Stadler Form



The company was founded by Martin Stadler in September 1998 in Zug following his search for a humidifier. Much to his disappointment, he was unable to find a device that met his aesthetic and technical requirements. So he decided to develop one himself.


It’s full steam ahead with Fred

Humidifier Fred was launched by Martin Stadler in autumn 1999 and was a great success. His extraordinary design created by Matti Walker still attracts a lot of attention today. Fred soon gained the admiration of lots of customers in Switzerland and Western Europe.


Oskar: the economist of the
Stadler Form family

Oskar was developed in 2008 and is distinguished by his low power consumption and elegant design. The cube-shaped evaporator created a new success story. Thanks to his timeless design, intuitive operation and quiet, energy-saving operation, the humidifier quickly became a firm favourite of the public – and still is today.


Oskar the Kassensturz champion

Oskar’s success story is ongoing: in 2011, Stadler Form celebrated the humidifier’s victory in the Kassensturz test. Oskar was tested on both his operation and technical and hygiene-related aspects. The evaporator that is extremely popular with customers impressed across the board.


No less than 3 Red Dot Design Awards

Stadler Form entered the renowned «red dot» design competition for the first time in 2013 and won no less than 3 awards. Albert the dehumidifier, Anna the fan heater and Oskar big the air humidifier were awarded the red dot design award for high quality of design.


Paul heats quietly and continuously

Back in 2015, Stadler Form launched a world’s first on the market: Paul, the first fan heater with continuous heating power. Thanks to his unique Adaptive HeatTM technology, Paul provides heat quietly and continuously. The heat output is adapted automatically, enabling him to reach the desired level of heat quickly and maintain it while remaining energy-efficient. Unlike other fan heaters, Paul with his IP21 certification is also suitable for use in the bathroom.


Eva humidifies with her external sensor

Humidifier lady Eva with her external sensor is a real innovation. Because humidity is measured in the room rather than directly round the device, measurements are extremely precise. This enables targeted humidification right where we are rather than just around the device. The Remote SensorTM is an external sensor and remote control in one.


Selina little is the smallest member of a big family

The continuous expansion of its range makes the Stadler Form brand increasingly attractive, year on year. 2017 saw the launch of the smallest Stadler Form product to date: Selina little – the mini hygrometer. She always knows whether it is too dry, too humid, hot or cold. When the humidity is at an optimal level, she gives you a smile.


Otto shines in new design

Fan Otto was given a facelift in 2018, just in time for his 13th birthday. The result: a seamless bamboo frame and a perfectly formed rotary control on the back. Otto combines characteristic design and carefully chosen materials. His bamboo frame is sustainable and his adjustable industrial fan gives him a timeless look with his industrial style.


Global presence

From the USA to Poland and Japan to the United Emirates: Stadler Form products for improving air quality can be found all over the world. Since 2018 – just in time for the company’s 20th anniversary – Stadler Form has been able to boast about its international collaboration with more than 50 countries.


Innovation first

In 2019, the Stadler Form team achieved true innovation with humidifier lady Emma: all Emma’s individual parts can be stowed away in her water bottle. This exceptional packaging was created by designer duo Bernhard|Burkard and registered for a patent in Switzerland, Germany and China. At the Iconic Awards 2020: Innovative Interior, Emma was recognised on account of her remarkable product design.


3 German Design Awards

No fewer than 3 Stadler Form products were winners of a German Design Award in 2020. Tower fan Peter and table fan Tim by designer duo Bernhard|Burkard came out winners in the «Excellent Product Design – Household» category. Air purifier Roger – designed by Matti Walker – was given a «special mention» in the same category.


Redesign for air purifier Roger and new Roger air purifier family

In 2021, Stadler Form improved the Roger family and added a big brother, Roger big, to Roger and Roger little. The three air purifiers convince with their washable textile pre-filters and their performance. And with Roger and Roger big, the first WiFi-compatible Stadler Form products were born – complete function control via app.


The magic of an open fire with Ben: a housemate who fragrances, humidifies and illuminates

With Ben, Stadler Form put a new type of 3-in-1 device onto the market in 2021: Ben serves as a humidifier and aroma diffuser at the same time, while his illuminated effect fire bathes the rooms in a wonderfully warm light. All-rounder Ben ensures pure cosiness in a fireplace atmosphere.


Unique fragrance globe system

With the launch of the aroma diffuser Lina, Nina, and Tina in 2021, Stadler Form is once again proving its ingenuity. 6 differently scented globes can be inserted into the devices and exchanged easily – depending on the aroma preference. The fragrance globes, consisting of richly fragranced, bonded pearls, release a fresh scent – without any water or essential oil.


3D fan Simon impresses across the board

The launch of fan Simon in 2022 was a complete success. Simon’s simple design with textile cover won him the Good Design Award Japan 2022. The 3D pedestal fan can fill the whole room with a gentle breeze or strong wind. Simon has an impressive range of intelligent features including a wide range and 10 different speed settings. Simon combines function and aesthetics perfectly.


New members of the humidifier family: Karl and Karl big

The arrival of Karl and Karl big in 2022 brought a new generation of efficient humidifiers to the market. The two humidifiers are quiet and powerful. Karl and Karl big are distinguished by their high humidification output, elegant design, simple operation and low power consumption. The energy-saving devices can be conveniently operated by means of an app on your smartphone. Constant monitoring of the current level of humidity ensures an optimal indoor climate throughout the house.


25th anniversary of the company

Stadler Form celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023. As part of the anniversary, a special edition of the three aroma diffusers Mia, Jasmine and Lucy was launched. In the spirit of consistency, the limited edition wears the colour gold. 25 years of healthy indoor air should be celebrated in style: Stadler Form employees are celebrating the success together on the Brienzer Rothorn and Stadler Form customers can win exclusive Gold Edition sets with Mia, Jasmine and Lucy


Innovative products and outstanding awards

The year 2023 is a complete success for Stadler Form products. The humidifiers Karl and Karl big win the red dot Design Award: Best of the Best. This is the highest honour in the prestigious red dot award for product design. And aroma diffuser and lantern Sophie wins the German Design Award Gold. The renowned GDA honours innovative design developments worldwide. In addition to Sophie and Sophie little, other innovative products such as the bamboo aroma diffuser Nora, the fan heaters Sam and Sam little and the convenient fragrance pins are launched on the market.