Cooling the flat

The room temperature is crucial for our general well-being and health. Excessively high temperatures not only feel uncomfortable but can also significantly impair our well-being. Find out more about the effects of a too high room temperature, how you can lower the room temperature and what other solutions there are.

The cause

Rising temperatures indoors

When the thermometer rises, the air indoors quickly becomes hot and stuffy. The air then builds up in small rooms, bedrooms, offices and attics. This creates a muggy, unpleasant feeling and makes it difficult to breathe.

The problem

Declining well-being due to uncomfortable heat

The perception of high temperatures is individual. What some perceive as pleasant is unpleasant for others and makes them sweat. The heat builds up and you can no longer concentrate, become tired and sluggish. If the high temperatures trigger health complaints, this is known medically as heat stress. Older people in particular are at risk in the heat because their bodies can no longer adapt so easily to the high temperatures. Because heat can significantly affect our well-being, it is important to cool down your home during these times.

Tips & Tricks

Cooling your home in summer

There are many simple and tried-and-tested methods for keeping your home cool in summer. From not using electrical appliances to airing your home at the right time, these quick tips and tricks will keep you refreshed in the heat. Sitting in front of the open fridge is definitely not one of them.

The solution

Cooling with a fan

fan is the perfect solution for summer heat in the home. Unlike an air conditioner, it can be placed anywhere and does not artificially cool the air. This minimises the risk of catching a cold, requires less electricity and still creates a feeling of freshness.
Many people believe that a fan cools the air. This is wrong. A fan relies on natural air circulation and does not actively cool the air in the room. Nevertheless, fans do provide refreshment, as the air flow blows away the warm, insulating layer around the skin and the sweat on the skin can be removed more easily.
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