The Stadler Form family grows

Eva is our new power-humidifier who accurately and adaptively creates a pleasant indoor climate. The power lady from the design company Stadler Form not only captives with her external appearance, but also specifically with her sophisticated technology: Using ultrasound technology, she blows the mist up to 1.4 meters high, providing for precise humidification with an external sensor. At the same time, the sensor serves as a remote control so that also the handling of Eva is very convenient. Despite the power, she is a sensitive lady – thanks to the Adaptive Humidity™ technology in auto mode, she automatically adjusts the output level to quietly and efficiently reach and maintain the desired humidity. The selectable water pre-heating not only increases the humidification output, but also emits a comfortable warm mist. Eva is also very flexible and offers the choice of five output levels and selectable humidity from 30% – 75%. She does not always have to show that she is working – the LEDs can be dimmed or even switched off completely. And to ensure your well-being is perfect, Eva distributes a scent of your choice! Eva is available in white and black.

Our "aroma diffuser-brigade“ has also been enlarged: Mia and Julia are new additions to the Stadler Form aroma diffuser family – offering the right aroma diffuser for every room!

Mia, the little aroma diffuser and Julia, the swinging aroma diffuser

The two new aroma diffusers not only impress with their timeless design, but also with their efficiency: Mia punctually fills the room with the fragrance of your choice for up to ten hours, which is ideal, for example, if a visit to the guest bathroom is to feel welcome. For her part, Julia prefers the slightly longer applications in larger rooms: A dramatically illuminated mist ideally spreads the fragrance in the room with a 160° swing. In interval mode, the desired fragrance is emitted for up to 54 hours. Julia works in this mode for 10 minutes and then takes a break for 20 minutes. The LEDs can also be dimmed or switched off completely so that the lighting does not disrupt your night's sleep. Both aroma diffusers work with ultrasound technology, just like their older sister Jasmine. They like the pure essential oils from the Stadler Form family best, but can also befriend all commercially available, alcohol-free fragrances. All three aroma diffusers are available in the colors white, black, bronze and lime.

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