Claudia Eidenberg , 19 May 2020

Dehumidify the air

About riding a motorbike & dehumidifying the air

Motorbike enthusiast Claudia had dreamed about riding a motorbike herself for a long time. Just under a year ago, she took the plunge and learnt to ride. In this blog post, she tells us how riding a motorbike makes her feel, how important it is to wear the proper clothing and why every biker should have an air dehumidifier.

Last summer, I realised a long-held dream – to learn to ride a motorbike. It’s something I had wanted to do for a very long time but as so often happens, life had always got in the way.

I imagined the endless feeling of freedom I would get on a motorbike. Especially when I was able to feel the wind on my face while I was riding along. There’s also something rebellious about putting on your biker gear, firing up your bike and riding off. Even though I’m still just a newcomer to biker life, I’ve already been totally bitten by the bug. It’s hard to put into words how happy I feel when I get back from a ride.

My two-wheeled partner is currently in hibernation. But not for much longer as the weather is gradually getting warmer again and will soon be good enough for me to get out on the road again. I’m already super excited about taking my bike out for the first time this year!

Let’s move on to the subject in hand: what does an air dehumidifier have to do with riding a motorbike? Apart from two wheels, the two machines really don’t have anything in common. Now, the bike gear that I mentioned earlier serves a very important purpose: to protect me! Not just if I fall off but also against the weather. In order for it to be able to meet these requirements, it has to be made from abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant material. So a motorbike suit isn’t something that you could describe as being designed to keep you cool. It can get extremely hot under all those layers. To be honest, I don’t have the time or inclination to wash my jacket and trousers every time I go out for a ride, so that meant I had to look for an alternative way of drying my sweaty clothing.

The solution lay – or rather was standing nearby – in the form of my Albert little dehumidifier! Since I have to leave him running more often during the summer anyway – because otherwise my home would soon be like a mini-hothouse – he can dry out my motorbike gear at the same time. I simply hang it up near Albert little and leave him to do his thing – and he does a pretty good job too. If I leave him running overnight, next morning everything is dry and there’s nothing to stop me from going out for a spin again. You wouldn’t exactly describe a dehumidifier as rebellious but hey, nobody else needs to know, do they? ;)

On that note: stay dry and safe!

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