Samuel Wyss , 29 October 2020

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Top 10 tips for a healthy home office

Right now, some of us spend a lot of time back in the home office again. Your health is our main goal even in this exceptional situation. Therefore, we brainstormed and wrote down our top 10 tips to stay healthy in the home office. These tips are not just applicable for long home office hours during the coronavirus pandemic, but they are also helpful for all people working full or part time from home.

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1. Good work environment

Set up your home office with enough space. If possible, use a big screen and a comfortable chair, and keep your home office place nice and tidy.

2. Optimal humidity level

To stay healthy and efficient, your relative humidity level should be between 40 and 60%. If you are not sure, use a hygrometer to measure your room’s humidity level. If the relative air humidity is below 40% – use a humidifier to increase it. Emma, the portable humidifier, is the perfect fit for this matter.

3. Stay hydrated

Drink enough, but not beer or countless cups of coffee. The best choice is still water. In general, it is recommended to drink around 2 liters (about 8-ounce glasses) a day.

4. Take a break

We are all human beings and not machines, thus, we need a break from time to time. Get up, leave your desk, move a bit and drink something. If you see your productivity level drop – it is definitely time for a break.

5. Eat healthy

Food is what provides your body with energy. Good food empowers you to succeed in a long home office working day. Fruits give you the extra portion of important vitamins.

6. Ventilate your room

When you breathe, you produce a lot of CO2. You will need to bring fresh oxygen in this room. The only way to do so, is to open the window from time to time. Exchange the room’s air from time to time to keep the oxygen level up.

7. Log out

The distance between work and home is very small while working in home office. Therefore, it is even more important to being able to log out. Keep your work-life balance healthy and do not check e-mails late at night. Those messages can surely wait until the next day. If your colleagues do not stop to chase you à “flight mode” is your friend.

8. Go outside

You spend enough time inside. Take the chance before, in between or after your home office hours to go running, have a walk in the forest or just spend some time in a park. The sounds of nature help you to calm down and reduce the amount of stress.

9. Keep smiling

Smiling has a lot of positive aspects. When you smile, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released into your bloodstream. Smiling fights stress, relaxes your body and gives you an overall good feeling.

10. Sleep well

A good sleep helps you to recover and to gain energy for the next day. Sleep well and sleep long. Allow yourself to get enough rest in order to tackle the next home office day with the best version of yourself.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Your Stadler Form Team

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