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Anna heater by Stadler Form in white as perspective view




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Bewertung von Anonym am 31.01.2022

Tip, top

Eignet sich für meine Bedürfnisse ausgezeichnet!

Bewertung von Anonym am 04.02.2022

Schade, nicht benutzbar...

Erhebliche Geruchsbelästigungen aus dem Gerät, die sich weder nach Filterauswaschen beseitigen lassen (Tipp aus der Gebrauchsanweisung) noch einige Stunden nach Inbetriebnahme verflüchtigen. Das Gerät ist damit unbenutzbar in geschlossenen Räumen. Diese Eigenschaft kann ich mir bei einem Red dot-Award gekürten nicht vorstellen. Sehr ärgerlich, da dieser Mangel bei zuvor erworbenem Gerät nicht auftrat.

Stadler Form

Antwort am 21.06.2022
Besten Dank für Ihr Feedback zu unserem Produkt. Es tut uns leid zu lesen, dass der Geruch Ihrer Anna trotz des befolgens der Schritte in der Gebrauchsanweisung nicht besser geworden ist. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter für weitere Tipps. Ihr Stadler Form Team

Bewertung von Nicholas Fliess am 19.02.2020

Elegant and efficient

The heater is both elegant and efficient.

Bewertung von Corrina Eaves am 19.02.2016


I thoroughly enjoy this product! The hot/cool dial feature is very nice (when she gets a little too hot, you can just dial her back.) :)

Bewertung von Simon am 06.11.2021

Compact and clever

I've used this heater for several years now, and I think it is both functionally and visually well-designed. It's very compact, sits solidly on the ground (because of the nice metal stand), and the heating can be controlled using an analog wheel, which allows you to find your perfect setting. In addition, there is the option of using a "turbo" mode, which heats the room up even faster. at the cost of some extra power draw. There are also throughtful features such as a removeable filter, and an automatic switch-off function, if the heater is accidentally knocked over. I can only think of one small complaint, which is that the control wheel has no indicators on it - that means it's not possible to identify a favourite value and easily replicate it, if needed. However, that is a really minor complaint, and not enough to substract a star. 5 stars from me!

Bewertung von Nicky am 30.10.2016

Neat product - but the plug?

I really like this little heater - a smart design that does it's job at the same time as looking good. What I had not expected was for it to have a European plug on it! Companies from all over the world manage to match the plug to the country it's sold in. Disappointing.

Stadler Form

Antwort am 24.12.2021
Thanks for the information in regards to the plug. All our products which are sold through authorized resellers are equipped with country-specific plugs. Since this is not the case with your product, there must have been a problem in the delivery process (wrong product for wrong market). We will get in touch with the dealer to avoid such problems in the future.

Bewertung von Cor van Dongen am 28.10.2016

Nice small, silent and functional. I miss though a digital indicator for temperature and a remote control as offered by the competition. The rolling switch for temperature is not so easy to set. On full power the heater switches off very quickly.

Stadler Form

Antwort am 13.12.2021
Anna is an analog heater with a mechanical switch and thermostat. If you are looking for a heater with digital controls and display as well as a remote control, please check out our Paul fan heater. To set the temperature we recommend to turn the thermostat control to the left to the maximum. If the desired room temperature has been reached, turn the thermostat control to the right until the appliance switches off. If the room temperature drops, then Anna switches on again automatically. Please note that after the thermostat switches off automatically, it takes a few minutes for the heater to switch on again.

Bewertung von Anonym am 22.06.2020


Compact heater that packs a punch . On cold nights it heats up a large-ish size room in a short time.

Bewertung von Val, New Zealand am 04.09.2017

Stadler Anna heater

This heater is a very efficient performer and neatly compact, however, it does not have a carrier handle which makes it most awkward to move about the room. It is quite dangerous lifting it when just switched off as it is too hot to handle just anywhere. It does not slide along the floor easily either, so I stuck felt buttons on each corner over the little plastic ones and that has made it easier. I am happy with its output and style though.

Stadler Form

Antwort am 24.12.2021
Thank you for your input with the carrier handle. The heater must not be carried whilst plugged in nor whilst it is hot to the touch. We also do not recommend adding felt buttons to the foot of the heater. This can cause instability. Please check the safety instructions of the appliance.

Bewertung von Ulrik Poulsen am 26.02.2018


Very good design, looks good, works perfect. BUT there is a smell of paint or somthing like it, filling the room while working.

Stadler Form

Antwort am 24.12.2021
Some of our customers find the smell of the air that comes out of Anna in the first few hours after putting her into operation to be unpleasant. This smell will dissipate and is nothing to worry about. However, we understand that this can be unpleasant. Here is how to make it go away faster: At the back of Anna you can find the air inlet. The air inlet is covered with an air filter and a grid. The grid is detachable, see picture. Please take off the grid and remove the air filter. You may wash out the air filter with a little bit of your favourite soap and warm water. Rinse it well and let it dry completely before you put it back on the air inlet and reattach the grid. The smell of the soap will conceal the unpleasant smell until it dissipates on its own.

Bewertung von Damon Bransom am 01.09.2018

Simply the best heater

Whisper quiet, fast to heat and a filter too! This is the best heater I have ever had in terms of design and function. Worth every cent and its amazing how quiet it is. I'm over the moon and toasty warm, very happy.

Bewertung von Anonym am 23.05.2022

Cooles Teil!

Bin sehr zufrieden. Anna macht genau das, was sie soll.

Bewertung von Cary am 20.10.2016


Anna ist gestern per DHL angekommen. Hat sich bestens in die Designwohnung integriert und arbeitet mit Verve. Hat ihre Brüder und Schwestern angetroffen und ist happy. Schaut euch mal meine anderen Bewertungen an, das Haus ist voll von Stadler Formern: Oskar, Anton, Fred, Jasmin... Ha!