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The small, fine aroma diffuser Mia from Stadler Form spreads a pleasant fragrance throughout the room. She uses ultrasonic technology to optimally diffuse fragrances and essential oils thanks to an extra-fine mist. With the 100 % natural essential oils from Stadler Form, her effect is optimal.

Product family Aroma diffuser
System Ultrasonic
Color white
Power level 1
Power consumption 7.2 W
Water tank capacity 100 ml
Noise level < 26 dB(A)
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 100 x 90 x 100 mm

Up to ten hours

With a full water container, she fills the room with a pleasant scent for up to ten hours.

Quiet and discret

Thanks to the extremely low-noise operation and the subtle LED display reflecting on the surface in front of her, Mia is quiet and discreet.

Good to know

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It is completely normal for the water to heat up slightly when your aroma diffuser is in use. This is caused by the the ultrasonic membrane which produces the mist. It will depend on the device and the amount of water in it as to how much the water heats up and the temperature can vary between 30 °C and 65 °C (86 °F – 149 °F). We recommend that the cover is left closed while the device is in use. To refill your Mia with oil or water, switch off the device and unplug the adapter before removing the cover. 

Please never remove the cover while the device is in use!

Yes, the device will switch off automatically when there is no water left in the water container. Mia will not be damaged if she runs out of water.

We recommend the use of pure natural essential oils for the operation of your aroma diffuser.

To begin with, you can add 2-3 drops of the scented oil to the water. Depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance, you can increase or decrease the number of drops.

If you barely smell the scent, please look at the list with recommendations:

  • Increase the amount of oil/fragrance drops in the diffuser.
  • Try different kind of fragrances/essential oils. How much the scent is noticeable depends mostly on the quality of the fragrance itself (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.). It is comparable with wine; quality is everything plus the scent also changes over time. Our experience is that the best results are achieved with 100% pure essential oils of a high quality and concentration.
  • The room temperature and relative air humidity influence how noticeable the scent is. The drier the environment, the less noticeable is the scent.
  • A high rate of air ventilation (opening windows and/or heating/air conditioning) has a direct influence on the scent because it makes it disappear faster. Reducing the air ventilation and not putting the aroma diffuser next to an air vent helps to increase the time the scent remains in the air and thus the noticeability. This also means no tilted windows.
  • Make sure the aroma diffuser is positioned where you like the scent to be most noticeable, best at least 70 cm above the floor.
  • Clean the inside of the aroma diffuser at least once a week and make sure to thoroughly clean the transducer from any oil/scent residues. The transducer can be clogged which results in a lower output and less noticeability of the scent.


Essential oil pack (set of 5)
€ 35.00

instead € 39.50

Save € 4.50





Tout petit et mignon, cet appareil est quand même capable d'embaumer une grande pièce. En plus, il est élégant, bien construit et son utilisation est très facile. Peu encombrant, on peut le placer partout. Merci et bravo au designer!

Review from Anonymous at 20.01.2018

Excellent product

I love this diffuser!!! I want one in every color!

Review from Jessica yoder at 26.05.2017
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