Product information Lukas HEPA filter

With the optional HEPA filter, dehumidifier Lukas also becomes an air purifier. A dehumidifier with a HEPA filter not only dehumidifies the air, but also filters particles, fine dust, pollen and other pollutants such as viruses and bacteria from the room air. The optional filter is particularly suitable for use in rooms with high humidity and dust formation. Depending on the air quality, the HEPA filter should be replaced approx. every 12 months.

Product family Luftentfeuchter Zubehör
Room size m² 25
Room size m³ 60
Capacity 175 CADR
Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 264 x 211 x 30 mm

For damp and dusty rooms

Especially in basements or laundry and drying rooms, where often a lot of dust accumulates and the air may be contaminated with mould spores, the optional cleaning function offers added value.

Suitable for allergies

The Lukas HEPA filter also purifies the air from pollen, house dust and animal hair. The use of the optional HEPA filter is therefore particularly suitable for people with allergies.

Simple installation

Inserting the HEPA filter is very easy: simply remove the air inlet grid from Lukas, insert the filter and replace the grid.

Lukas HEPA filter


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