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Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity of the indoor air to an optimal level if it is too humid, helping asthma sufferers breathe more easily, preventing mould from forming and even drying washing. Breathe deeply without having to worry with a dehumidifier from Stadler Form.

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Conveniently controllable via app thanks to Wi-Fi
Mode for quick laundry drying
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Desired humidity selectable
1–7 hour timer (on/off)
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10 liter dehumidification capacity in 24 hours
Air outlet with swing mode
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20 liter dehumidification capacity in 24 hours
Digital 24 hour timer

Dehumidifier accessories

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For additional air purification
The Problem: Exessively humid indoor air
The Cause: Development of excessive humidity
The Solution: Dry out the air with a dehumidifier
Dehumidifiers help you breathe more easily
Your housemates
5 tips for purchasing a dehumidifier

The Problem

Excessively humid indoor air

If the relative humidity is above 60%, the indoor air is classed as too humid. Such a high level can promote the growth of mould and put both human and the environment at risk. If the humidity is too high, it can pose a risk to allergy sufferers in particular.

Measure humidity? We explain how it works.

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If your basement is too humid, there is a risk of any furniture or possessions stored within it being damaged or completely ruined. Mould can form and spread quickly in such conditions. But it’s not only your possessions that are at risk: spending a lot of time in a basement where there is mould can also lead to health problems. The same risk is also present in storerooms, summerhouses, hobby rooms, etc.

The more humid the air, the longer washing will take to dry. In addition, the drying room will be occupied for longer and it may be a while before the next load can be hung out.

New buildings are often occupied as soon as construction is completed. Too little time is allowed for the building – and especially the walls – to dry out. That is why often, the humidity can remain too high in every room for the first few years. The occupants, furniture, musical instruments, paintings and textiles are permanently exposed to damp air which can cause damage.

Over a long period of time, we often don’t notice that a home is too humid. As with new buildings, furniture, textiles and musical instruments made from wood can absorb the humidity which can cause damage. Mould can form which can present a risk to the people and animals living in the home.

The Cause

Development of excessive humidity

The moisture in the air increases when temperatures are high. That is because warm air can absorb more water vapour. A room is regarded as being too humid if the relative humidity value (proportion of water vapour in the air) is permanently above 60%.

The Solution

Dry out the air with a dehumidifier

If measures such as ventilating your home when the temperature drops, leaving the fan on in the bathroom after a shower, not drying washing indoors, etc. don’t help, it’s time to take action. The best solution is a dehumidifier. A mobile device that can be moved from room to room is preferable – like the reliable devices from Stadler Form.

How do air dehumidifiers work?

There are various types of air dehumidifier and they all work in different ways.

A surface in the device is cooled by means of a compressor. The warm humid air is passed across this surface and as a result of this cooling, the excess water vapour in the air is turned into water droplets which remain on the surface and fall into a collecting tank. The warmer and damper the air, the better these devices perform.

In the same way as in the compressor dehumidifier, the air is cooled and dehumidified when it passes over a cold surface. As this process is carried out using an electrical Peltier element, this type of dehumidifier is not ideal for whole houses as the level of performance is relatively low.

Water-binding material draws the humid air from the water. The lower the temperature, the more efficiently these devices perform, making them ideal for use in basements.

A passive device which does not require a power supply. This device is based on the effect of water binding which is achieved by means of special salts. However its level of efficiency is very low, making it unsuitable for homes where the humidity is high.

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Dehumidifiers help you breathe more easily

Breathe deeply without having to worry

Quicker drying

Clear sound

Mountain air rather than stale basement air



5 tips for purchasing a dehumidifier

When it comes to choosing the right dehumidifier, room size is a decisive factor. The bigger the room, the more powerful your dehumidifier should be. The volume of the room should also be taken into account (area in m2 x room height). As a rule, manufacturers base their recommended room size on a room height of 2.5 metres.

It will depend on where you are going to be using your dehumidifier (laundry room, basement, living room) as to which criteria are important. If drying washing is taken into account, a dehumidifier with swing function is the one to choose. In the case of water damage, an industrial building dryer is a better option. And the ideal choice for dehumidifying bedrooms or living rooms is a quiet room dehumidifier with night mode. Mobile dehumidifiers have castors so that they can be moved around quite easily.

If you have a very high level of humidity, you should leave your dehumidifier switched on at all times if possible. You will still be able to control its energy consumption if the device has a hygrostat. The hygrostat can be used to set your desired target humidity. As soon as this has been reached, the device will switch off automatically.

The capacity of the water tank is also a decisive factor according to the model and intended use in each case. Commercially available dehumidifiers for private use usually have a maximum dehumidification capacity of 30 litres per 24 hours and a maximum water tank capacity of 8 litres. Ideally, it will be possible to connect a hose to the dehumidifier so that the condensation water can be drained off directly.

Granulate dehumidifiers are cheaper to buy but the ongoing purchase of desiccant should be taken into account in the overall costs. The initial purchase price of compressor dehumidifiers is higher and that is because quality comes at a price. In order for a dehumidifier to continue to function reliably for a number of years, it must be equipped with high-quality components. Those components will be reflected in the price.