Julie Basan , 18 October 2022

Basement/hobby room

Heating hobby rooms and basements – made easy!

It’s here again – that time of year when the temperature starts to drop. The leaves start turning beautiful shades of red; out come our thick winter jumpers that had been stored away in cupboards and we turn to cosying down at home again. So what a luxury it is to have a basement or hobby room where you can get creative or simply relax and unwind.

Take time for yourself – a luxury that we have come to treasure: settling down with a good book in your very own reading corner, a game of pool with friends, a meditation session or painting a new artwork – there are so many different things that you can use a basement or hobby room for. Even carving Halloween pumpkins with the kids or making original Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest – having a room in which to do this is simply worth its weight in gold. And, naturally, so is the climate indoors. Rooms like these are often not heated, so they are not necessarily inviting places to spend long periods of time in.

We need a pleasant room temperature to feel good. The solution: a small portable heater. Purchasing a heater gives us a pleasant temperature in a hobby room/basement in no time at all (depending on the size of the room, of course) – so you feel warm and cosy and able to spend more time enjoying your favourite hobby. A portable heater is also handy and small enough to be stored in the basement over the summer. With Stadler Form appliances, safety is also taken care of – thanks to tilt protection. 

Concerns regarding current consumption when using a heater are justified. We have a tip for anyone who has fitted out their hobby room or basement and is looking to buy a heater so that they won’t be freezing cold in there: look at the current consumption on the low settings. Take our Anna big, for example: on the lowest setting, she consumes around the same amount of current as a computer screen.

Further tips for using heaters economically

We recommend programming the thermostat and setting the desired temperature in order to avoid an unnecessarily high heat output. As soon as that temperature has been reached, the heater will switch off automatically – and you will save on the current you use. 

 The most efficient heaters are those with Adaptive Heat technology where the heat output and fan speed are adjusted automatically. The bigger the difference between the desired temperature and the current temperature, the higher the heat output and fan speed selected will be. So the closer the current level of heat in the room is to the desired level, the lower the settings chosen by the heater will be – without you having to give the matter a second thought. The Stadler Form appliances that have this Adaptive Heat technology are Anna big and Paul.

With a heater in your basement or hobby room, numb fingers will become a thing of the past.

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