Charly floor

Lifts off!

US$ 179.00

Moves up to 6000 cubic meters of air per hour
Horizontal swivel function (oscillation)
Easy cleaning of fan blades

Product information Charly floor

The fan Charly has already achieved cult status. The exceptional wind machine is now equipped with oscillation. Charly thereby distributes the cool air steadily in the room. With a design resembling a jet aircraft turbine and an air-moving performance to match: three aluminium blades allow this fan to shift up to 6000 cubic meters of air an hour. But thanks to his rounded, die-cast zinc base, the ventilator Charly remains firmly anchored on the ground, while it is still adjustable.
Product family Fan
System Pedestal fan
Color silver
Capacity 6000 m3/h
Power level 3
Power consumption 36 – 60 W
Noise level < 56 dB(A)
Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 450 x 472 x 280 mm

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Charly floor’s motor housing is connected to his telescopic tube by means of a socket screw located on the side. This can work loose over time. You can secure Charly little’s head in an upright position by tightening the screw.

To clean the fan blade, remove the securing screw, undo all the fixing clips and carefully remove the protective grille from the front. Now you can wipe the fan blade with a damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. After cleaning, put the protective grille back on the device (fit the top positioning clip), fasten all the fixing clips and tighten the securing screw firmly.

Charly floor



The color is not the same

I like the structure, the feeling, the design. I think it's a well done product. But the real color is not the same. With the pictures you will think that is a chrome or silver it's not like this

Review from Anonymous at 23.06.2022

Ein Klassiker in neuer Ausgabe

Dieser Ventilator ist ein Klassiker in neuer Ausgabe. Schönes klassisches Design, das jedoch durch neue Technologie ergänzt wurde. Daraus ergibt sich ein kräftiger Luftstrahl, der aus einem leisen Motor erzeugt wird.

Review from Anonymous at 28.03.2022
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Charly floor

The Designer

Since the very start, I have had the privilege to co-develop and design products for Martin Stadler and the Stadler Form Team. What began with Fred, has grown into an attractive, small but fine range of products. This experience, and being part of the team, has greatly enriched myself and my work as a designer ...

Matti Walker

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