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At first glance, Tim might look like an ordinary fan. But look again and you will discover an extremely quiet and adaptable roommate. This fan may be quiet but you still know he’s there. Thanks to a continuously adjustable speed control, he can adapt to every need and provide the level of refreshment you are looking for: from a gentle breeze to a strong wind, anything is possible.

Product family Fan
System Table fan
Color chili red
Capacity 177 m3/h
Power consumption 10 W
Noise level 25 – 44 dB(A)
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 267 x 285 x 189 mm


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Mobile use

Equipped with a USB cable and an adapter for home use, fan Tim will be a constant companion. Whether you are at the office, sunbathing on the lawn, camping or out and about: when connected to an external battery pack, Tim will always make sure that the air is fresh.

Flexible and precise

Practical fan Tim is both flexible and precise. His frame rotates and tilts so that you can direct the flow of air exactly where you want it to go.

Good to know

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The two points below should be observed in order to ensure that Tim makes enough wind:

Thanks to his finely adjustable wind strength, Tim’s settings range from a soft breeze to a strong wind. Tim’s speed is continuously variable thanks to his rotary control. Turn the knob as far as it will go to get the maximum wind strength from Tim.

Tim can be connected to an alternative power source (e.g. a laptop, battery pack, power bank or suchlike) using the USB cable. It is important to make sure that the source provides a supply of 5V/2A in order for Tim to be able to reach his full potential and make wind properly.

Use at least a 10,000 mA battery pack/power bank in order to guarantee optimum runtime (> 24 hours on the lowest setting) and press the battery pack/power bank button to connect the battery pack/power bank and switch on Tim.




Super Lüfter!!

Ich bin vollkommen zufrieden mit diesem Lüfter!

Review from BRAENDLI URS at 21.07.2023

Top Ventilator!

Ein wunderbares Produkt, einmal mehr aus dem Hause Stadler Form! Design und stufenlose Drehzahleinstellung stellen meiner Meinung nach überzeugende Kaufargumente dar. Der Ventilator kommt in den wärmeren Sommerabende zum Einsatz, wenn ich meinen S...

Review from Roland Wyssmann at 08.07.2023
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