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Air washer George is easy to look after, quiet and powerful. He provides healthy humidity and clean air at the same time. His discs rotate in water and filter the smallest particles from the air – a blessing for all allergy sufferers. George’s impressive features include an integrated hygrostat as well as Auto mode and dimmable LEDs.


Important purchasing advice

For Minergie houses (low energy or passive houses) or apartments calculations should be based on twice the room size.  

The reason for this lies in the continuous exchange of air: cold and dry outdoor air is heated up and channelled indoors. The moisture produced by people, animals, furniture, plants, cooking, showering, etc. is quickly directed outside by the continuous exchange of air, usually resulting in extremely dry air indoors. Controlled ventilation systems therefore have the same effect as open windows.

Product family Air washer 2in1
System Air washer (2 in 1)
Color white
Accessories (included) Water Cube
Room size m² 60
Room size m³ 150
Capacity 400 g/h
Power level 4
Power consumption 3 – 23 W
Water tank capacity 3.2 l
Noise level 27 – 48 dB(A)
Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 315 x 418 x 215 mm
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Easy to clean

Air washer George is very easy to clean. Both the disc pack and the water pan are dishwasher-safe.

Integrated hygrostat

The integrated hygrostat means the desired humidity can be set to 40%, 45%, 50% or 55%. As soon as the desired humidity is reached, the air washer switches off automatically.

Fragrance container

George has an integrated fragrance container. So if you not only want to purify and humidify the air but also make it fragrant, simply add a couple of drops of essential oil to the fragrance container.

Good to know

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Yes, George will switch back on again automatically after a power failure.

The intensity of the fragrance is influenced by various factors:
- Type of fragrance (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.)
- Room temperature and relative humidity (the more humid the air, the stronger the fragrance will be)
- Room size (the smaller the room, the more intense the fragrance)

In principle, you can increase the intensity of a fragrance by adding a little more fragrance oil. The strength of a fragrance will depend on the fragrance itself. Natural fragrances are often more discreet than synthetic ones and certain ingredients are more dominant than others.

It should also be remembered that first and foremost, the device is an air washer and therefore the intensity of the fragrance will never be as strong as the fragrance from an aroma diffuser.




Echt gutes Gerät

Lohnt sich absolut. Das Gerät überzeug nicht nur durch seine Leistung sondern sieht es auch ganz gut aus.

Review from Anonymous at 21.03.2022

Top Produkt 👍🏼

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit George! Die Luftfeuchtigkeit im Raum war bei 25%. Dank George ist sie nun bei 43% und spürbar rein und frisch.

Review from Anonymous at 17.03.2022
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