New era of room fragrance

The fragrance globe system

Instead of water and essential oil, these three aroma diffusers from Stadler Form exclusively use a so-called fragrance globe. The fragrance globes are made of richly fragranced, bonded pearl which are then formed into a globe. There is no risk of spilling anything. Just add a fragrance globe into the device and enjoy its scent for up to 4 weeks. There are six different aroma varieties, each in a separate colour. Thus, the globes not only fascinate the nose but also the eye, especially with the atmospheric light in Aroma Diffuser Nina.

Lina – scenting without electricity

Lina is ideal for small rooms, the wardrobe or small bathrooms. She is easy to use and sleek in design. You insert a fragrance globe of your choice and then set the scent intensity by turning the upper part of Lina open. The more open she is, the more room air flows through, absorbing and distributing the fragrance. Aroma diffuser Lina does not need electricity, just a fragrance globe and she will provide a pleasant scent in no time.

Here you can find more information about Lina.

Tina – mobile fragrancing with battery

Slim, unobstrusive, quiet and effective - this is how aroma diffuser Tina scents with the unique system of fragrance globes. She runs cordlessly for up to 30 hours and provides good fragrance in the air. Once the fragrance globe of your choice has been inserted, the intensity of the fragrance to be emitted can be defined by slightly turning the top open. The wider Tina is open, the more intensively she distributes the fragrance. Room scenting made easy with Tina and the fragrance globes by Stadler Form.

Find out more about Tina here.

Nina – atmospheric scenting

Nina illuminates the inserted fragrance globe and creates an atmospheric fragrance experience. She creates a unique mood and environment of relaxation up to 50 hours without the need of a cable. Nina has two power levels for fragrance intensity. The light can be dimmed or switched off. Whether in the bathroom, living room or bedroom, aroma diffuser Nina scents impressively thanks to the fragrance globe system.

Get to know Nina better here.

The Fragrance Globes


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