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Review from Anonymous at 19.12.2021

Diffuser Jasmin

Ich müsste den Diffuser zwei mal einschicken . Erst das zweite mal hat man dann festgestellt das es anscheinend ein Technisches Problem sein. Obwohl er schon von Anfang an nicht gegangen ist . ( Wurde von mir wie auch einer Kollegin getestet) Hätte mir gewünscht das von Seiten Stalder Firma mir das zweite mal als ich Diffuser abgeschickt habe ein Duftol bekommen hätte als gutmachung für das Porto wo ich das erste mal hatte. Habe mich auch nicht so ganz erst genommen gefühlt das erste mal am Telefon als ich mit der Firma Stalder telefoniert habe . Nach langem Hin und her wurde mir dann ein neuer Diffuser geschickt wo bis jetzt geht .

Review from Diane Lefman at 18.09.2016

5 Star!!!

I bought 3 of these Jasmine Aroma diffusers and do not regret my purchase. This is my first time with a diffuser and essential oils, so I was shocked a the prices of diffusers, but found the Jasmine at Best Buy and do not regret the purchase. Not only is it cost wise, but the delay timing fits my needs...it is stylish, and does everything all the other "expensive" diffusers would do, plus more. I will always recommend this product and all the other products by Stadler Form.

Review from Christina at 10.09.2019

Jasmine is the perfect diffuser

I have used so much diffusers and this one is my favourite. Besides the fact, that Jasimne is well designed she is doing an excellent job and keeps my living room smelling fresh. I highly recommend this product!

Review from Anonymous at 13.07.2018

Julia und Jasmine

Jasmine habe ich geschenkt bekommen und jetzt musste sie vom Wohnzimmer in's Schlafzimmer umziehen, da nun Julia bei uns eingezogen ist und unser Wohnzimmer beduftet. Jasmine ist schon toll, aber Julia mit ihrer langen Laufzeit im Intervall Betrieb ist noch besser. Wir lieben den Zirbelduft von Zirb.at und dank Jasmine und Julia geniessen wir ihn nun in Schlaf- und Wohnbereich.

Review from Anonymous at 30.09.2017


I've had my Jasmine for over 2 years and absolutely love it! Other diffusers didn't last six months but Jasmine has endured daily use and exceeded expectations!

Review from becky at 14.11.2015

Love it!!

I love my Jasmine so much I bought 2 more! One in kitchen, bedroom and hubby's office. It's a great compact size and I love that it runs all through the night. And it's quiet!!

Review from Maria sakhrani at 17.05.2017


Ordered it with my points from American Express Rewards. I wasn't sure if I was going to actively use it. It's been 2 weeks and it's been running non stop. Easy to clean and use and gives off enough of a scent where it's pleasant but not overpowering. Will buy from you guys more often!

Review from Anonymous at 21.09.2016

Top Notch Diffuser

I share oils for a well know essential oils company. I have used all kinds of diffusers, the Jasmine is by far my favorite. Highly recommend. Love that it is quiet, has style, and runs for 24 hours. Colors choices are sweet and fits everyone's needs.

Review from Anonymous at 06.01.2016

The BEST Diffuser That I Have!

I sell oils for a top named essential oils company, whose products I totally stand behind and LOVE! I have all of this other company's diffuser and even some of their competitors! But this one, the Stadler Form JASMINE is by far the best and my favorite! I LOVE that I can add oils and forget about it until the next day! There are options on how it distributes the "scents", but, I tend to choose to go for the all day option! I REALLY like this diffuser and I am purchasing two more to go with my other two! They are well worth the money!

Review from Max at 13.06.2018

Excellent diffuseur

À peine 24 heures après l'avoir commandé, je l'utilise depuis ce matin. C'est un merveilleux diffuseur, discret, efficace et plaisant à souhait. Particulièrement adapté pour l'olfactothérapie, permettant le dosage précis de diffusion d'huiles essentielles. Je ne peux que vivement le recommander

Review from Anonymous at 04.01.2015


Sehr schönes schlichtes Design. Dank der Intervallbeduftung, den ganzen Tag spannend ohne sich darum zu kümmern! Noch genialer wäre sie kabellos :-)

Review from Pati Hermanowski-Tousant at 31.01.2018

Jasmine diffuser

I love this diffuser because after researching essential oils I learned that too much of the smell isn’t good for you, pets or children. Upon learning this, I was recommended the jasmine diffuser because of the setting that allows you to keep it on all day without the worry. Thank you for the only product of its kind!

Review from Anonymous at 12.02.2015

Petit, facile, pratique et relaxant

Pour qui a envie de se faire du bien avec les huiles essentielles, je conseille vivement ce produit. cela fait un mois que je l'ai, et je l'utilise plusieurs fois par semaine. J'ai plusieurs huiles essentielles, que je combine selon le besoin, et que je mets dans le diffuseur. Le mode de diffusion par période est celui que je préfère. Je recommande complètement!

Review from Neal at 04.02.2018

Jasmine Diffuser-Excellent!

Beautiful style, silent operation, awesome scent (lavender) and ease of operation. An excellent addition to any room.

Review from Anonymous at 16.03.2018

Excellent diffuser

I have purchased diffusers in the past that did not do a great job and I received this one and immediately noticed a difference, this is a great diffuser!

Review from Gregory at 10.02.2017

Excellent product

Keeps my bedroom smelling fresh all day! Very good product with an elegant design.

Review from Anonymous at 24.04.2017

Almost perfect

Beautiful diffuser! Pros: love the interval setting, easy functionality and cleaning. Cons: indicator lights are super bright when used at night, has to be near an outlet. Stadler Form please make another product designed just like this or the mia that has a battery option (like the lea does) so it can be used all over the house without the restrictions of cords.

Stadler Form

Answer on 24.12.2021
Indicator lights
There are customers who are disturbed by the lights and some that love it as a nightlight. This customer feedback was implemented into our newest aroma diffuser Julia. Her indicator lights can be dimmed or switched off.

Plug versus batteries
Jasmine, Mia and Julia are all water-based aroma diffuser that work with ultrasonic technology. This means, a visible mist is created by an ultrasonic membrane that vibrates at a very high frequency to turn water into mist. This is the same technology most aroma diffusers work with except of Lea which uses a different technology. In order to create a mist that distributes the fragrance into the surroundings very well, the membrane uses a power consumption that cannot be covered by batteries.

Review from Megan at 01.12.2016

Love this little thing!

I just got this diffuser on clearance yesterday at Kohl's and it works great! I love the interval feature.