Humidity Test Set

Which humidifier is right for your home? Or do you maybe need a dehumidifier? Simply order the test set, measure the humidity and water hardness and come back to this page.
Find the right device for your perfect indoor climate in just a few steps.

This is how it works

Find the right device for a perfect indoor climate in just a few steps

Measure the humidity level

Place Selina little in a sun light protected, slightly elevated place and observe the humidity for 24 hours. If it is permanently below 40% relative humidity, you will need a humidifier. If the air humidity is permanently above 60%, a dehumidifier can contribute to a better room climate.

Measure water hardness

Determine the water hardness with the enclosed test strip.

  1. Hold the test strip under the water to be tested for 1 second.
  2. Let the test strip dry for a minute. Make sure that the indicator fields are not touched.
  3. Read off the hardness of the water. With 4 green fields the water is soft, with 4 red fields the water is very hard.

IMPORTANT: With hard water from 14 ° dH we recommend not to use ultrasonic humidifiers or evaporators.

Determine the size of the room

The larger the room, the more powerful the humidifier / dehumidifier needs to be. We recommend a more powerful humidifier for minergie houses (low energy or passive houses) or apartments for which calculations should be based on twice the room size.

Here is the formula for calculating the room size in m2.

Length (m) x With (m) = Room size in m2

If several rooms are connected by open doors, the total area must be calculated. For rooms over 2.5 m in high - please choose an appliance with more humidification capacity.
Basically, a humidifier / dehumidifier should be a little too large in order to have some power reserves at very low or very high humidity.

Choose the right device

Now that you have determined the humidity, water hardness and the size of the room, you can start choosing the right device. Select the relevant situation below and receive suggestions as to which product from our range is the right one for your needs.

Our recommendation for you

in case of a low humidity level (unter 40%)

360 Model
CHF 129.95
360 Model
CHF 99.00
360 Model
CHF 249.00
360 Model
CHF 149.00
360 Model
Oskar big
CHF 199.00
Eva little
CHF 119.00

Our recommendation for you

if the humidity is too high, mold growth, bad & musty smell (permanent humidity over 60%)

360 Model
CHF 256.00
Albert little
CHF 349.99
360 Model
CHF 499.95