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Review from Tan at 11.05.2016

Functional art-absolutely beautiful!

purchased in England- Sensational product and packaging! Firstly I'd like to comment on the superb packaging- built in carry handle on the box made it easily portable and was delighted with the secure, robust but minimal packaging. The fan required no assembly-simply take out of box and plug in-fantastic. The fan itself is so stylish, unique and superbly designed, I purchased black and it looks amazing-everyone comments and enquires about it-thank you Stadler! I've used it about 10 times since purchasing and it cools the room nicely. In a busy room(t.v, kids etc) the noise is no issue and does not interfere with activities- as the levels increase so does the noise but that's owing to the increased motor output and is no more noise than other fans! Love the safety of the grill, I'd highly recommend this superb and stylish fan.

Review from Caroline at 11.08.2022

Nice design but too noisy!

The design is nice but if you go to 2 or 3 it is way to noisy, too bad!

Review from Cary Steinmann at 23.12.2018


Design ist Kunst, die sich nützlich macht. Carlos Obers an Carlo Borer.

Review from Vasilijus at 18.06.2016

Yes , I agree, it really very noisy, I using only on 1 st level, and it not for night, but design very nice. looking reliable, I not switching off with control knob, I using distance remote control for AC socket. hope it will serve me long, when will by to hot (in UK it's rare) I will use it in same time with loud music or cinema. But bought it more for design. very nice and solid looking brushed stainless steel.

Review from Anonymous at 12.05.2019

beautiful product

I am very happy with this fan, I also have the wood version which is also pretty but the "Q" is less noisy, although sadly after 4 years there is now a noise on speed #1. Not on speeds ## 2 and 3. I store it in the box every fall and take it out the next summer. It's a pity I can't really clean the blades because over time they do gather dust. But otherwise I recommend this one.

Review from idoblu at 30.01.2016

Nice design but not well made

It's noisy. The numbers for the speed can rub off easily. The speed control knob can go off its mark, meaning you can set it at 1 but it spins like it's in 3.

Stadler Form

Answer on 24.12.2021
We have contacted you to discuss your concerns with Q. Unfortunately, we have not received any response from you.

The unique construction of the Q fan does not allow a lower noise level. We always recommend to test Q in real-life environment to see whether the sound is too loud. The dB measurement is always a summary of many frequencies. So there might be some frequencies that you are sensitive about.

Numbers rub off
This should not be the case. Could you please send us a picture to see how it looks as well as the serial number of your model? ([email protected])

Speed level
Kindly note that our fans are always set according to this principle: 0-3-2-1. Maybe there is a misunderstanding in your case because of the rubbed off numbers.