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Selina little


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Review from Christina at 10.09.2019

Sweet hygrometer

I love to marvel at my Selina little. She looks always sweet, even if the humidity is not always optimal.

Review from Cary at 04.01.2018

Selina S

Mehr Bauhaus geht nicht. Ich schaue die Beauty immerzu an und frage mich: Wie werden die Ziffern projiziert? Wie?

Review from Jeff Lamont at 28.08.2020

Great customer service

I contacted customer service when I had a problem which I had caused with my Selina Little and then rectified it immediately. I highly recommend Stadler. Fantastic customer service!

Review from Catalina at 16.02.2021

Details matter

Very useful info and the little smiley face telling you everything is alright: adorable!