Frequently asked questions about Selina

The digital clock display was added in fall 2015 as part of the technical modifications to Selina. Products with a production date prior to 2015 do not have this function.

  1. Press ON/OFF in the lower recess to display the clock.
  2. Press SET CLOCK in the upper recess for at least 2 seconds to activate setup mode.
  3. Now press within the lower recess multiple times until the current time is displayed (1-24 h, 1-12 am/pm).
  4. Press SET CLOCK in the upper recess once to set the minutes.
  5. Now press within the lower recess multiple times until the current minute is displayed.
  6. The time is saved if 5 seconds elapse without any input being made.

The following video tutorial shows how to set Selina hygrometer correctly.

The battery case is located on the bottom. The battery cover can be removed using a paper clip or coin. Insert the battery underneath the two guides by holding the battery at an angle and then pressing it down into place. Precise instructions can be found in the following video.

The sensor of Selina has a tolerance range of +/- 3 %. In order to compare the humidity displays of hygrometers, measurements must be taken under the same conditions (e.g. same temperature) and at the same position. A distance of one metre between two hygrometers may, under certain circumstances, cause a deviation. Please note that all hygrometers have a tolerance range, usually +/- 5 %. Do not place Selina on or near a heater or by a window.

Basically, the hygrometer should be placed where the air humidity is to be measured. In order to make sure that Selina indicates the correct level of air humidity, the following should be taken into account when deciding where to place her: Air should be able to circulate freely. In other words, a hygrometer should not be placed on the floor in a corner or on a shelf behind books. Neither should a hygrometer be placed anywhere where there is a risk of air coming in from outside such as right next to windows or doors, for example. You should also choose a spot where the device is away from direct sunlight as otherwise the air humidity value may be distorted.

The temperature and humidity sensor on Selina is located on the back left-hand corner of the leg.

If the relative humidity measured in the room falls below 20 %, Selina displays 2 dashes (–  –). With the new version of Selina (as of 2014), the measurement range has been increased to 10 % and no more dashes are displayed.

Doctors recommend a relative humidity of 40 % to 60 % for living rooms and offices. With the Stadler Form humidifiers and air washers, you create an ideal air humidity indoors even in the winter.

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