Flowcube Communications , 22 July 2021

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Trend letter dehumidifier Theo and Albert

Stadler Form presents two designer dehumidifiers that follow the 2021 trend towards Green Living

Green Living is the design trend for 2021. Houseplants – both large and small – can turn your home into a green oasis. However, they do have an undesirable side-effect: houseplants that need a lot of water release it back into the atmosphere, thereby increasing the humidity indoors. Stadler Form – a brand for intelligent air solutions – presents two products that provide an immediate remedy: slim dehumidifier Theo and powerful dehumidifier Albert. Theo can bring the level of humidity back down quickly and efficiently and his practical carrying handle means that he can be set up wherever you need him quite easily. The ingenious Albert ensures that the air humidity never increases in the first place while his swing function circulates the indoor air.