• Foto von Gerald Hösl Foto von Gerald Hösl mit Peter little von Stadler Form

    Gerald Hösl

    IT Manager

    “Keep cool” Peter little whispers to me. However, if I do start to overheat, I can turn up his setting to 4 to get him to swing from right to left at a slightly faster pace. If I set up the table fan on the corner of my desk, I can still feel a pleasant breeze. When I want to relax, I can choose Peter little’s Natural Breeze mode: I just close my eyes and I feel as if I’m by the sea.

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  • Foto von Martin Stadler Foto von Martin Stadler mit Robert

    Martin Stadler


    Robert is my favourite product! It accompanies me elegantly, unobtrusively and powerfully. When the air is dry in winter, Robert is on all the time, as well as in spring, when there is a high pollen count. The handling is practical and I very much like his design. Thus he fits into my home environment perfectly.

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  • Foto von Tomas Kiewra Foto von Tomas Kiewra mit Oskar big

    Tomas Kiewra

    Chief Operations Officer

    It is his great features that made Oskar big a member of my family: Beautiful and cleverly designed, low power consumption, powerful humidification, suitable for large rooms, fast and simple cleaning, quiet operation and a light that can be switched off for restful sleep. Thank you Oskar big for healthy air!

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  • Foto von Antonio Papalo Foto von Antonio Papalo mit Zoe

    Antonio Papalo

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Zoe has touched my heart right away. Since my first meeting with Zoe, I have immediately been on fire for our little wonder lady! She can be used anywhere and not only brings a great atmosphere, but also my favourite fragrance into the room. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at home or an office space – Zoe will please everyone in the room. And for the rest, it’s up to you.

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  • Bild von Stephane Marino Bild von Stephane Marino

    Stéphane Marino

    Director of Sales International

    I admire my Selina. She displays air humidity, temperature and time very precisely and reliably. Selina cares for my well-being in a modern and unmatched elegance. Within a very short period of time, she has really become an invaluable partner in my interior layout.

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  • Foto von Ismail Hussein Foto von Ismail Hussein

    Ismail Hussein

    Director of Sales Switzerland

    Roger fits perfectly in my living room, without immediately drawing attention to himself. He reacts swiftly to changes in the air and immediately compensates for them in his own quiet, efficient way, ensuring the desired air quality. He also constantly keeps me informed regarding the air quality via his intelligent indicator system. As far as I’m concerned, Roger is simply the greatest.

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  • Foto von Samuel Wyss Foto von Samuel Wyss mit Q

    Samuel Wyss

    Director of E-Commerce

    With his striking design and exclusive selection of materials, Q perfectly embodies the brand name of Stadler Form. Q cannot only circulate the air, he also upgrades every room with his fancy appearance. Apart from that, he helps me every year to stay cool even on the hottest summer days. Q is my absolute favourite.

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  • Foto von Dunja Tanner Foto von Dunja Tanner mit Selina little

    Dunja Tanner

    Director of Marketing

    The sweet Selina little sets the tone at my home! She signals with a smile that temperature and humidity are optimal. Her sad face tells me when she needs her friend: the humidifier Oskar. Selina little looks at me cheerfully in every room. If the battery is empty, I miss her and only then I realize how many times I look at her every day.

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  • Bild von Thomas Becker Bild von Thomas Becker mit Viktor

    Thomas Becker

    Director of Production and QC

    I find clean ambient air very important in everyday life. Viktor combines an attractive design with technical know-how especially in regards to cleaning performance. My personal interests have been implemented to the full in Viktor – design and technology.

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  • Bild von Kelvin Wong Bild von Kelvin Wong

    Kelvin Wong

    Director of Quality Management Asia

    I love Eva for the fact that not only is she beautifully designed and fits perfectly whether she’s in the living room or bedroom, I am also impressed with her high performance keeping the environment at a very comfortable yet precise humidity level.  Her extra feature of warm mist is definitely an attractive bonus.

    +41 41 720 48 48
  • Bild von Daniela Sotic Bild von Daniela Sotic

    Daniela Sotic

    Export Manager

    Oskar had me at first sight. Not only does he have a very beautiful design, but he is also very quiet and effective at humidifying the air. His dimmable lights are a bonus. All of these points make him the ideal device for the bedroom.

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  • Bild von Raphaela Giezendanner Bild von Raphaela Giezendanner

    Raphaela Giezendanner

    E-Commerce Coordinator

    Paul is a true gentleman. With his unique Adaptive HeatTM technology, he keeps my feet warm in winter by continuing to work at the temperature that suits me best. Not only is he ideal for providing warmth in the office or at home but, in summer, his heating elements can be switched off. Operating as a fan, he then distributes pleasantly cool air in the room.

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  • Tamara Merenda

    Sales Manager

    Otto appealed to me right from the start. I had never seen a fan with such a cool and modern design. On hot summer days, he creates just the right amount of freshness I need at home. And that’s not all: thanks to his modern look, I can simply leave him standing in any room as a home accessory.

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  • Foto von Marek Witkowski Foto von Marek Witkowski mit Leo von Stadler Form

    Marek Witkowski

    Product & Process Manager

    Leo is wonderfully refreshing me in my office with pleasant air. His practical carrying handle allows me to set him up wherever I want and simply leave him to do his job thanks to his 3D swing mode. I particularly like the different speed settings and the timer. What if I want a stronger breeze? No problem! I can control Leo from where I’m sitting using his remote control.

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  • Claudia Eidenberg

    Marketing Services Specialist

    The vaporizer Jasmine quietly converts water into a fine mist. If I add a few drops of my favorite fragrance, she soon enchants the living room into my own personal well-being oasis. This charming lady not only works discreetly, but she also cuts a fine figure as a chic living accessory with her modern design and fresh colors!

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  • Foto von Lea Bieri Foto von Lea Bieri mit Tim

    Lea Bieri

    Campaign & Community Manager

    He may be one of the smaller devices but in my opinion, Tim is the greatest! In fact, it’s his stature that makes this personal fan so flexible. And his practical USB connection means that I can take him with me on my travels. He cools me down whenever I want him to and wherever I may be.

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  • Foto von Usha Müller Foto von Usha Müller mit Otto

    Usha Müller

    Content Specialist

    Otto's simple, yet expressive appearance and his easy maintenance: a perfect combination. The beautiful seamless bamboo frame makes my design-oriented heart beat faster. And whether I wish for a gentle breeze or strong wind: Otto adapts to my needs. I like Otto, because he adds that certain something to every room!

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  • Foto von Lara Kunz Foto von Lara Kunz mit Roger little

    Lara Kunz

    Customer Service

    Clean and healthy air in everyday life is very important for my well-being. Roger is already a family member in my home, providing a healthy atmosphere, and so is indispensable. With his elegant and discreet appearance, he fits perfectly into modern and classic households, and also neutralizes heavy air from cooking.

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  • Foto von Nicole Iten Foto von Nicole Iten mit Anton

    Nicole Iten

    Customer Service

    Anton is already part of the basic equipment for our childrens' bedrooms. His modern design and great colors make him the perfect accessory. He ensures that there is always a comfortable indoor climate, especially in the dry winter months. With added eucalyptus, he can help children suffering from colds to sleep soundly and get better quickly. Thanks to Anton, we as parents can also get a good night’s sleep.

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  • Foto von Julie Basan Foto von Julie Basan mit Oskar

    Julie Basan

    Customer Service

    We welcomed Oskar into our home with open arms. From the first time we set eyes on him, we were captivated by his economical nature, the way he «humidifies» (or «evaporates») and his stylish appearance – since Oskar has been living with us, dry air has become a thing of the past. And if I add a couple of drops of my favourite fragrance oil to him, he indulges our senses too.

    +41 41 720 48 48 E-Mail
  • Bild von Melanie Gauderon Bild von Melanie Gauderon

    Melanie Gauderon

    After Sales Service

    Why do I like Julia? She’s a fragrant roommate who, in swing mode, rotates 160 degrees, diffusing her aroma through our apartment. Available in different colours, she can adapt to individual furnishing styles to optimum effect. The dimmable LED light creates soft lighting effects and I switch the LED off when I go to bed at night.

    +41 41 720 48 48
  • Bild von Fredy Bürkli Bild von Fredy Bürkli

    Fredy Bürkli

    After Sales Service

    Albert is the Einstein when it comes to technology and efficiency. The full-blooded appliance is on a par with commercial dehumidifiers. The design allows for him to be placed in any stylish living space.

    +41 41 720 48 48
  • Bild von Kurt Imgrüth Bild von Kurt Imgrüth mit Peter

    Kurt Imgrüth

    After Sales Service

    Peter is my cooling tower on hot summer days. With his vertical construction and oscillating mode, he circulates the air at the loftiest heights and cools me from head to toe. It’s easy to switch between the three speed levels and the "natural breeze" mode using the remote control. And with a 1-7 hour timer, Peter turns himself off when I no longer need his services.

    +41 41 720 48 48