• Foto von Martin Stadler Foto von Martin Stadler mit Robert

    Martin Stadler


    Robert is my favourite product! It accompanies me elegantly, unobtrusively and powerfully. When the air is dry in winter, Robert is on all the time, as well as in spring, when there is a high pollen count. The handling is practical and I very much like his design. Thus he fits into my home environment perfectly.

  • Foto von Tomas Kiewra Foto von Tomas Kiewra mit Oskar big

    Tomas Kiewra

    Chief Operations Officer

    It is his great features that made Oskar big a member of my family: Beautiful and cleverly designed, low power consumption, powerful humidification, suitable for large rooms, fast and simple cleaning, quiet operation and a light that can be switched off for restful sleep. Thank you Oskar big for healthy air!

    +41 41 720 48 48 tomas.kiewra@stadlerform.com
  • Foto von Samuel Wyss Foto von Samuel Wyss mit Q

    Samuel Wyss

    International Sales Manager

    With his striking design and exclusive selection of materials, Q perfectly embodies the brand name of Stadler Form. Q cannot only circulate the air, he also upgrades every room with his fancy appearance. Apart from that, he helps me every year to stay cool even on the hottest summer days. Q is my absolute favourite.

    +41 41 720 48 42 samuel.wyss@stadlerform.com
  • Bild von Jacqueline Zünd Bild von Jacqueline Zünd mit Fred

    Jacqueline Zünd

    Key Account Manager

    I love my Fred because he talks to me! When he “fetches” water and heats it, there is a sound as if he were talking to me! Fred humidifies hygienically, that is the reason why I take Fred into my bedroom. His design is unique on the air humidifier market and he has not two or four but three legs. Who out there has three legs!

  • Foto von Dunja Tanner Foto von Dunja Tanner mit Lea

    Dunja Tanner

    Marketing Manager

    Lea smells lovely everywhere and is even cable-free. What I particularly like is that Lea emits the fragrance directly from the scent bottle. There is no need for the annoying refilling and cleaning. Visually, Lea is also an eye-catcher that I like showing off as a home accessory. Lea functions in interval mode at my home and diffuses a discreet scent over a long period.

    +41 41 720 48 48 dunja.tanner@stadlerform.com
  • Bild von Thomas Becker Bild von Thomas Becker mit Viktor

    Thomas Becker

    Production and QC Manager

    I find clean ambient air very important in everyday life. Viktor combines an attractive design with technical know-how especially in regards to cleaning performance. My personal interests have been implemented to the full in Viktor – design and technology.

  • Bild von Manuela Burch Bild von Manuela Burch mit Charly

    Manuela Burch

    Export Manager

    The small, stylish retro fan not only looks cool but also makes it super cool! Charly is perfect as a refreshing fellow stopping me from breaking out in a sweat on hot summer days. He quietly swings back and forth and thus evenly distributes the refreshing air in the room.

  • Almedina Muminovic

    Export Manager

    I was impressed by Anton right from the start as he is both an air humidifier and an aroma diffuser – I get a 2 in 1. These two properties are important factors for me. Thanks to his visual humidification, I can also see that Anton is "alive" and is spoiling me with my favourite scent. That's why Anton is my absolute favourite!

  • Carole Megnet

    Customer Service

    With Paul, it was love at first sight. With his elegant design and 2-in-1 function, he has everything I had ever dreamed of. On hot summer days, he creates a refreshing cool breeze and, on cold winter days, he keeps me beautifully warm. So this is why Paul is my absolute favourite!

  • Tamara Merenda

    Sales Manager

    Otto appealed to me right from the start. I had never seen a fan with such a cool and modern design. On hot summer days, he creates just the right amount of freshness I need at home. And that’s not all: thanks to his modern look, I can simply leave him standing in any room as a home accessory.

  • Foto von Sandra Frey Foto von Sandra Frey mit Oskar

    Sandra Frey

    Junior Product Manager

    Oskar is my absolute favourite. This is why he is located in my bedroom. With his dimmable lights and beautiful design, it fits in any room. I especially like the fact that Oskar humidifies the air very quietly. I couldn’t live without Oskar anymore.

    +41 41 720 48 48 sandra.frey@stadlerform.com
  • Bild von Roland Bürkli Bild von Roland Bürkli mit Fred

    Roland Buerkli

    After Sales Service

    The following properties characterise Fred for me:

    F friendly appearance, R restful at work, E elegant on the eye, D drinks a lot but good performance

    +41 41 720 48 48
  • Bild von Fredy Bürkli Bild von Fredy Bürkli

    Fredy Bürkli

    After Sales Service

    Albert is the Einstein when it comes to technology and efficiency. The full-blooded appliance is on a par with commercial dehumidifiers. The design allows for him to be placed in any stylish living space.

    +41 41 720 48 48