Samuel Wyss , 26 November 2020

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Do I need a HEPA filter H14?

Do I really need to buy an H14 HEPA filter for my air purifier? Or is an H12 HEPA filter good enough? If you have already asked yourself this question, then watch this video or read on.

In the last couple of weeks, a lot of customer contacted us regarding the HEPA filter class. They want to know, whether they need an H14 or an H12 HEPA filter for their air purifier. H12 and H14 are different common filter classes for air purifiers. The number describes how many particles in the range from 0.1 to 0.3 microns can be filtered out of the air. So, on an H12 filter the number is 99.5% . On an H14 filter the number is 99.995% . As you can see both of them filter more than 99%. As the difference is very small, it is obviously difficult to really understand how much this difference is. So, we tried to visualise it with some little stones.

On the left side you can see the full number of particles. And now you can see what remains after the particles have passed through the H12 filter (right side on top) or through the H14 filter (right side at the bottom). And as you can see, the difference is not so big at all. So, to come back to the question, whether you should purchase an air purifier with an air H14 filter. The air purifier exchanges the air several times per hour during permanent operation. (We recommend an air exchange of 3 times per hour for normal use calculated according to the AHAM standard or an air exchange of 5 times per hour for heavy indoor air pollution from particles, gases or odours and for allergy sufferers). With an H14 HEPA filter, the volume of air that fits through the filter is smaller than with an H12 HEPA filter due to the filter density. If the air flows through the filter only once, it will be cleaner with the H14 filter than with an H12 filter. However, an H12 also has a similar performance when the device is operated permanently because the air is exchanged several times per hour. Therefore, the number of particles filtered is not the most important thing to consider while deciding whether you need an HEPA H12 or a HEPA H14 filter. Way more important is it to purchase an air purifier with a good filter and use it continuously. Which means: Switch on your air purifier, let it operate on a lower speed level, but 24/7. And you will definitely benefit from good, fresh and healthy air.

Stay healthy!

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