• Air purifier Roger by Stadler Form

    New: Smart air purifiers

    Equipped with an antimicrobial textile pre-filter and Wi-Fi for app control, air purifier Roger ensures clean and healthy air! And the new Roger big purifies in large rooms.

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  • Aroma diffuser Zoe by Stadler Form

    Aroma diffuser Zoe

    Zoe is the unique aroma diffuser lady! She optimally distributes your favourite scent in the room using her flame effect, and thus ensures atmospheric moments of well-being.

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  • Air washer George by Stadler Form

    Air washer George

    The design award winner George is air purifier and humidifier in one. In a low-maintenance and powerful way, he ensures optimally humidified and clean air.

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  • Luftbefeuchter Emma von Stadler Form

    Luftbefeuchter Emma

    Die persönliche Luftbefeuchter-Dame Emma sorgt für optimale Luftfeuchtigkeit Zuhause und auf Reisen – platzsparend in ihrer Wasserflasche verstaubar.

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  • I am Eva

    a sensitive power-humidifier.

    Thanks to my external humidity sensor, I ensure for a precise humidification in large rooms.

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  • We improve your air

    We improve the indoor air with stylish and likeable appliances