• I am Eva

    and new to the family! I am a sensitive power-humidifier.

    Thanks to my external humidity sensor Remote SensorTM, I ensure for a precise humidification in large rooms.

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  • Mia & Julia

    Mia, the little aroma diffuser and the swinging Julia with her oscillating, illuminated mist are our new additions to the aroma diffuser team of Jasmine and Lea.

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  • Keep cool

    Our fans provide a fresh breeze during the hot summer!

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  • We improve your air

    We improve the indoor air with stylish and likeable appliances

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  • I am Paul

    A powerful and yet sensitive fan heater.

    With my Adaptive HeatTM technology I ensure a constant, pleasant temperature.

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  • Oskar

    Optimally humidify the air with low energy consumption – the Oskar evaporator family is the right choice!

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  • Air washer Robert

    The ideal roommate for allergy sufferers because he filters pollen out the air

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