• Heizlüfter Paul von Stadler Form
  • Heizlüfter Paul von Stadler Form
  • Heizlüfter Paul von Stadler Form
  • Heizlüfter Paul von Stadler Form
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Heats sensitively and quietly!

  • Adaptive Heat™ Technology

  • 2 in 1 function – heating and cooling

  • Extremely quiet

A powerful guy, this Paul the fan heater! But his unique Adaptive Heat™ technology makes him more sensitive than any other. In auto mode, he automatically adapts the heat output to maintain the desired degree of heat – no annoying on-off fluctuations; just soft maintenance of the temperature: gentle, quiet and dynamic (swing mode). You can precisely adjust the desired temperature using the easy-to-operate touch panel and, with the remote control, you can even adjust this from the comfort of the couch. The fan heater Paul does not shy away from moist environments either – thanks to his IP21 certification he is splash-proof and therefore suitable for use in the bathroom! His washable air filter makes him quite a clean guy and the perfect roommate.

2 in 1 Function – Heating and Cooling

Paul operates like a ventilator when heating mode is switched off. The internal construction is designed in such a way that the airflow from the heating element is obstructed as minimally as possible. This is why Paul can also fully serve as a ventilator. And, thanks to the swing function (swing mode), the cool air can be pleasantly distributed in the room on hot summer days.

Finely controllable heat output

Thanks to the easy operation achieved by either a touch panel or remote control, the strength of the heat output can be very finely adjusted (8 settings) so that the airflow can range from weak to very strong. In comparison to this, the majority of fan heaters are only capable of one or two output levels.

Extremely quiet

Because Paul is fitted with unique Adaptive Heat™ Technology, it is an extremely quiet provider of warmth – as soon as it has reached the set temperature, it maintains the cosy warmth at a very low noise emission level. There is no longer any of the noise that accompanies switching an appliance on and off at full power.

This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use.

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