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The hot heater Anna big combines good looks with unique Adaptive Heat technology. Anna big heats quickly, efficiently and safely. Anna big has 8 power levels and heats rooms up to 25 m2. She is a real all-rounder, because Anna big can also be used in summer. With the heating element switched off, she sends a cool breeze through. Anna big is the intelligent heater for all seasons.

Product family Fan heater
System Ceramic / PTC
Color white
Room size m² 25
Room size m³ 63
Power level 8
Power consumption 300 – 2000 W
Noise level 28 – 50 dB(A)
Weight 2.864 kg
Dimensions 183 x 420 x 184 mm
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Auto mode

Using auto mode and digital thermostat, Anna big reaches and maintains the desired room temperature quickly and efficiently.

Easy operation

Anna big can be easily adjusted with a gentle touch on the touch panel.

Maximum safety

Anna big has an integrated tilt protection. If the appliance falls over, she switches off automatically. She is also equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element, which prevents overheating.

Good to know

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No, a minimum distance of 50 cm from the wall is required for air circulation as otherwise the device would overheat. As Anna big is designed to stand on the floor or on a table, mounting her on the wall would constitute misuse at your own risk.

No, for safety reasons a fan heater must not be left unattended.

Some of our customers find the smell of the air that comes out of Anna big for the first few hours after she is put into operation unpleasant. That smell will go away by itself and is nothing to worry about. However, we understand that it can be unpleasant. 

Here is a tip on how to get rid of the smell quicker: On the back of Anna big, there is an air inlet which is covered with an air filter and a grid. The grid is removable (see photograph). Please remove the grid and take out the air filter. You can wash out the air filter using your favourite soap and warm water. Rinse the filter well and let it dry completely before putting it back over the air inlet and then reattaching the grid on top of it. The smell of the soap will mask the unpleasant smell until it disappears by itself.

No, Anna big is not splash-proof and therefore should not be used near water or where there is a high level of humidity for safety reasons. If there is a high level of humidity in the bathroom (e.g. after you have had a shower), this can cause Anna big to short-circuit. The majority of the fan heaters on the market are not suitable for use in bathrooms. The IP21 rating indicates that a device is splash-proof.

Anna big



Anna Big heather

Vandaag ontvangen, keurig en correct verpakt. Inmiddels gebruikt, geluidloos , eenvoudig in gebruik. Verwarmd uitstekend. Ben er heel blij mee.

Review from Anonymous at 18.11.2022

Silent and stylisch heater

Anna is an easy to use and silent heater that has a beautiful design.

Review from Anonymous at 07.10.2021
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Anna big

The Designer

Since the very start, I have had the privilege to co-develop and design products for Martin Stadler and the Stadler Form Team. What began with Fred, has grown into an attractive, small but fine range of products. This experience, and being part of the team, has greatly enriched myself and my work as a designer ...

Matti Walker

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