Selina little

The pocket-size hygrometer!

  • Measures relative humidity level and temperature
  • Smiley shows whether the air humidity is optimal
  • Pocket-size (only 47 mm wide/high)

Is it dry, humid, hot or cold? Selina little provides the answer at a glance. This little hygrometer lady is not only nice to look at, she also tells you what to do with your indoor climate. If Selina little shows you a nice smile, then your room‘s humidity is fine.

Selina little‘s unhappy face means you should do something about your indoor air. If the humidity level is below 40 %, increase it with a humidifier. A humidity level above 60 % should be decreased to an optimal level using a dehumidifier.

Equipped with a sticker for wall-mounting and a little retractable foot, you can fit Selina little just anywhere you want. This mini hygrometer even fits into any travel bag thanks to her small size – meaning you can also keep an eye on the room climate when traveling.

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