Tamara Merenda , 5 July 2022


This fan lets me sleep in spite of the heat


Summer at last! It’s just around the corner: long summer days, relaxed barbecue evenings, bathing in the lake or in the pool around the corner, aperitifs on the terrace, a cool beer after a long working day – who doesn't enjoy it? It goes without saying! And I’d love summer too. If only I didn't live in an apartment with a bedroom under the roof. Anyone who shares the same fate knows exactly what I mean – a top-floor room that feels more like a Finnish sauna than a pleasant place to sleep in summer. It didn't matter what I tried –  the oppressive heat accumulated within my four walls and sleeping through the night became completely unthinkable. It was a bit more bearable if the shutters were lowered after early ventilation in the morning or I took a cold shower before going to bed. But these steps were not enough to provide a proper solution. I became certain of one thing: I had to find a permanent remedy before the next heat wave.

The search begins

Of course, the top-end solution would be a permanently installed air conditioning system. In my rented apartment, however, that wasn’t an option. And I'm not that keen on mobile air conditioners; they usually have one of the following characteristics: large, loud, impractical or unattractive. Stylish, they are not! No, a mobile air conditioner wasn’t an option for me. Time and again I came to the same conclusion: I should find a fan to be my summer room-mate and avoid falling victim to the crushing heat at home. But what did I need a fan to do? What criteria did it need to meet? What were my requirements? These were all the questions I asked myself – and one "must have” quickly crystallised above all else: it had to be quiet. So quiet that the running noise wouldn’t stop me falling asleep. It would defeat the object if the cool breeze overcame the oppressive heat but a loud noise kept me from sleeping. The nights wouldn’t be any more restful than they were now.

Cool Peter

It was clear right from the start that I would choose a fan from Stadler Form. And when I was introduced to Peter the tower fan I knew: I’VE GOT TO HAVE IT – and yes, it was love at first sight! I wasn't disappointed. From the first night onwards, Peter was simply unforgettable. At last, I could fall asleep again – and above all, sleep through the night. And I didn’t need to swat up on how to use it or study the instructions at length. Unpack Peter, put him down, plug him in and off you go. The remote control means you can operate Peter when you are in bed and the skinny giant even has a timer (time switch). He might be tall but he doesn't take up much space so he fits in any apartment. His natural breeze function simulates natural wind conditions and his oscillating swing mode ensures a pleasant and even flow of the air. And while I don't focus on outward appearances – besides his other talents, he also looks great.

My conclusion for anyone dreading the hot summer nights: Peter the tower fan belongs in every bedroom. For myself, I can’t imagine nights without Peter any more.
You can find out more about the Peter fan in the following video.

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