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Lucy aroma diffuser – a report on experiences

Hello autumn. As a summer baby it’s hard for me to be enthusiastic initially about the change of season. It isn’t until I have dried my farewell tears and accepted that the summer is finally over and done that I am able to slowly get involved with the shorter days and longer nights. There are so many lovely things associated with autumn – colourful leaves, chestnuts, vermicelle chestnut desserts and pumpkin soup, fleecy wool socks, cosy cinema nights at home and lots of romantic candles everywhere. It’s the start of the time when we stay inside in the warm much more and like to be cosy. An appropriately styled home with pretty decorative accessories and lovely autumnal fragrances is all part of this for me. This is where aroma diffuser Lucy from Stadler Form comes in.

A new flatmate moves in

The doorbell rings, I run downstairs and the postman hands over a small parcel. I’m somewhat surprised at the size. Lucy’s packaging is compact, appealing and tidy, not one of these outsize boxes filled with air and plastic. I take a closer look at the contents. The parcel includes a USB charging cable, without a plug, in addition to the appliance and instructions for use. I think it’s a good thing there’s no plug, we already have more than enough of those lying around. I am at the computer and quickly plug in the cable. I would prefer a USB-C connection, but I can manage quite well with it. Lucy is practical and her form is very pared down, which I like. No grooves, annoying edges or other frippery, just a simple cylinder. Only a discrete, tone-on-tone Stadler Form logo hints at the brand. My new flatmate is working in a trice. Simply pour water and a couple of drops of perfumed essential oil into the little tank and the water and oil mixture is perfectly distributed by ultrasound as an ultra-fine mist. The Amber Light™ effectively illuminates the mist scented with my favourite aroma and gives the impression of a candle flame. Lucy actually works like a candle, just without any soot or heat at all. Such claims are often just an empty promise, but Lucy makes a great first impression – I like!

Welcome to the pine forest

All I have to do is press a button and instantly there is the woody scent of pine needles in my desk corner. I chose Stadler Form’s Recharge fragrance, which mainly consists of Siberian fir essential oil, which has a refreshing, woody fragrance and a calming effect. The pleasant fragrance evokes being in a pine forest in the room and puts me in a relaxed mood, which is great for working. What I like about Stadler Form’s essential oils is that they are 100% pure, natural, essential oils produced sustainably and with no animal testing, and also without synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens. That’s something I look for. You can, however, use any other perfumed oil without alcohol, the right one for each situation. I’m sure I’m going to purchase the Relief fragrance, so that I’m equipped for the coming cold and ‘flu season. Lucy diffuses the fragrance very effectively, so I recommend adding the oil to suit your personal taste and the room size. Just one drop is enough in our little cloakroom, 2-3 drops are right for the big living room.

Setting the mood for every situation

Once Lucy has proved herself as a companion for my day of working from home, she gradually takes over the whole apartment – to welcome us in the dark hall, as a romantic addition to the dining table, as a candle substitute on the sideboard, or as an air freshener in the bathroom. Her warm light sheds a homely atmosphere everywhere. And thanks to her simplicity, she is easy to combine and fits in with everything around her – whether it’s a vintage piece or a designer object. It’s very easy to relocate her. Lucy has a rechargeable battery and is therefore fully mobile. Once charged, her battery power will last all evening. You must take care, though, when moving her around. This lady must be carried extremely carefully when full, as otherwise water could escape into the ventilator opening, which would cause damage. To me this is a teeny-tiny drawback. Because of its mobility, this aroma diffuser lady would also be a faithful companion when travelling or in an hotel.

Lucy’s amber imitation candlelight is really eye-catching. This effect can even be dimmed or switched off completely, which I only do during the day, when it is really bright because, as with a candle, the flickering flame is hardly visible. The aroma diffuser is quite capable of doing her duty without a song and dance. But in the evening, in dark rooms or on a gloomy day, I simply like the candle effect too much. Glancing at Lucy’s flickering light now and again is calming and lets me forget my surroundings for a moment. Finally, a candle that you can leave unattended – a real relief with boisterous kids.

Fragrance and flame for the winter months

With Lucy there’s nothing to prevent a carefree candlelight dinner or a cosy evening over a cup of tea when the weather is bad. This little lady is down to earth and soon made herself at home with us. That’s how I like it to be with new flatmate(s). The aroma diffuser creates a relaxed, beautifully fragranced atmosphere anywhere, which in my opinion also makes her a great candidate for a practical Christmas gift. What could be more fitting than a gift that ensures a stress-free time and immediately transforms one’s home into an oasis of wellbeing? 

We’re definitely not going to use Lucy as a little dust trap. And when, in six months‘ time, my desire for candles is fading and I’m looking forward to the summer, I can use her without the candle effect – or pack her away safely. She’s not going to take up much room on the basement shelves, is she?

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Guest author of this article is Janine Rebosura from scharfsinn - many thanks!

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