Joséphine Stein-Vigroux , 29 September 2023

Humidify the air

10 things that a humidifier owner would never say

In this age of allergies, «global warming», pandemics and energy crises, we humans can feel somewhat overwhelmed. We will try anything to make life a bit easier for ourselves. Online shopping is booming, people are going out jogging like there's no tomorrow; suddenly everyone has a pet – the balcony or garden is full of flowers of all colours and working from home has become the norm. But what can you do if even that is not enough for you to find inner peace – especially now that the days are getting shorter, darker and colder again? Our secret tip for you: a humidifier can improve your well-being. Humidifiers increase the relative humidity indoors so that you can say goodbye to air that is too dry and the effects that this can have on your health and feel invigorated, positive and ready to save the world in no time. Do you need even more reasons why it makes sense to purchase a humidifier? If so, read on for 10 things that a humidifier owner would never say.

The 10 things that a humidifier owner would never say 

  1. «I don't sleep well and I'm always tired»
  2. «My skin is always very dry»
  3. «When I'm working (in the office or from home), my eyes always burn» 
  4. «I find it hard to relax when I'm at home in winter» 
  5. «I always feel listless and lethargic in winter»
  6. «When I'm working from home, I find it very difficult to concentrate for no apparent reason»
  7. «I constantly have a scratchy throat when I stay indoors for a long time»
  8. «My allergies become worse indoors in winter»
  9. «I get migraines more often in winter»
  10. «I often get lots of static in my hair in the winter»

1. «I don’t sleep well and I’m always tired»

We know what it’s like when you spend the whole night tossing and turning, turning your pillow over ten times to get the cooler side, playing calming sounds on your mobile – and you still can’t get to sleep. Instead, you feel completely worn out when you get up in the morning and try to banish your tiredness by drinking far too much coffee.

If an indoor climate is too dry, it can cause restless, poor-quality sleep. An excessively low level of humidity below 40% will place our bodies under greater strain compared with a good humidity value of around 50%. If the air is optimally humidified, our bodies are able to get better rest. A room humidifier can help you get more restful and peaceful sleep by increasing the level of humidity in the air indoors. It can also help relieve blocked noses, coughs and flu symptoms by ensuring optimum humidity. Bye bye poor sleep – hello restful sleep.

2. «My skin is always very dry»

Our skin, just like other organs, needs sufficient moisture for healthy functioning. This can easily be observed in nature. The drier the air, the more neglected the state of the plants in the area. The more humid the climate, the greener and healthier the natural surroundings are. Nowadays, there are umpteen skincare products that can provide short-term respite for our skin – but sometimes, not even these are enough to ensure the amount of moisture that is needed. The result: chapped lips, cracked hands and unpleasantly tight skin. A healthy indoor climate is therefore an absolute MUST to keep skin firm and healthy. A humidifier is our help in times of need, enabling us to feel refreshed and well again.

3. «When I am working (in the office or from home), my eyes always burn»

We are all familiar with the situation: sitting at your desk at home or in the office, staring at a screen for hours. This can lead not only to headaches but also to itchy, burning and sticky eyes. People who wear contact lenses in particular experience these painful symptoms more in winter. One reason for this is often excessively low humidity indoors. In the long term, this can cause damage to the eyes and impaired vision. The answer to this problem is quite simple: a humidifier. If we increase the amount of water vapour in the air, we can blink properly and feel better again. Headaches and burning eyes become a thing of the past.

4. «I find it hard to relax when I’m at home in winter»

The cold months of the year not only bring biting winds, dark evenings, snow and colds, they can also make our own homes feel uncomfortable. Most of the time, this is directly linked to dry air. Excessively low humidity dries out mucous membranes and weakens our immune defence system. Our bodies become a well-being paradise for viruses and bacteria. Allergies are promoted and poor concentration and headaches put a strain on organisms. Optimally humidified air reduces the number of viruses in the air and strengthens our performance and immune defence system. So for you to be able to feel good again at home, it is important to achieve an optimal level of humidity of 40-60% within your own four walls.

5. «I always feel listless and lethargic in winter»

We all know the feeling: winter is only just upon us but we already feel more tired and listless than usual. Motivation is at zero – we would prefer to spend the whole day holed up under the covers and wait for spring to come. The winter blues is in full swing: that’s because the air is colder in winter and therefore also unable to absorb as much water as it can in the summer. Heating your warm and cosy lounge reduces the relative humidity significantly in the winter. To bring back the feeling of happiness quicker, it can help to set up a vaporiser, evaporator or ultrasonic nebuliser to balance out the level of humidity at home. Not only will we benefit from this but also our plants, pets and wooden furniture will thank us for it.

6. «When I’m working from home, I find it very difficult to concentrate for no apparent reason»

Because of the pandemic, many of us are spending more time working from home. While it might have been funny in the early days to make coffee in your pyjamas 5 minutes before starting work at 8 o’clock, without any make-up on and looking like you’ve just got out of bed, that euphoria slowly disappeared. We sometimes feel unable to concentrate and unwell. The indoor climate plays a very important role when it comes to us getting back into top form. The optimal level of humidity should always be between 40 and 60%. Hygrometers are not only practical little helpers but also an absolute necessity for measuring relative humidity.

7. «I constantly have a scratchy throat when I stay indoors for a long time»

How often do we find that we get up in the morning and before we have finished our first sentence, we have already noticed an annoying scratchy feeling in our throat? We drink enough water and teas and ventilate our homes – but nothing seems to help. We find that this phenomenon is increasingly noticeable, especially in the winter. The reason for this is the excessively low humidity caused by turning the heating on in the winter. The mucous membranes in our mouth and throat dry out quicker and this manifests itself in the form of an unpleasant scratchy feeling. A humidifier gives us the remedy that we need to make us feel better again.

8. «My allergies become worse indoors in winter»

Although many people find it hard to believe, an allergy can get worse indoors in the winter. Allergies to pollen (yes, it is already flying around in January) or dust mites can be exacerbated by the dry winter air as they fly round the room for longer. Humidified air binds pollen and dust mites and lets them float to the ground quicker where they are much less of a problem for allergy sufferers.

9. «I get migraines more often in the winter»

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The seasons suddenly change, taking us rapidly from + 30 °C and sunshine down to cold temperatures, fog and grey weather. It's not just our skin and our mood that suffer as a result of this extreme change in the weather but also our health. Many of us suffer from symptoms ranging from bad headaches to violent migraines when it feels as if there’s a little man in your head, constantly banging away with a hammer. The change in the weather causes the air pressure and humidity to change which can have an effect on the body. The simple solution for relieving horrible headaches or even avoiding them completely: increase the relative humidity of the indoor climate by adding to the humidity (water) in the air. The most efficient way to do that is with a humidifier. Say goodbye to headaches – finally, no more days spent lying in bed and avoiding the light like a vampire.

10. «I often get lots of static in my hair in the winter»

Some people like to stand in front of the mirror for hours, buy expensive hair treatments and oils, apply hair masks and try to do without heat as much as possible. And yet nothing helps: their hair has no volume, static builds up in it, it sticks out in all directions and is almost impossible to tame. It literally makes you «tear your hair out». But why does this happen in the winter in particular? It’s not just the cold temperatures that cause problems for our hair but mainly the lack of moisture in the air. By increasing the level of humidity within your home, you can say goodbye to the «broom» on your head and style your hair again. So you can be seen out and about with flowing locks in winter too.

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