Gets up steam!

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Germ-free humidification with vapour
Hygrostat with external sensor
Switches off automatically when tank is empty
Room size: 50 m²

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Product information Fred

When it gets colder outside, we heat our homes: the relative humidity falls. We, our furniture, plants and furnishings suffer in this dry environment. To counteract this Fred the humidifier gets up steam – making us feel comfortable again. Fred is clean – because the steam is free of minerals and bacteria. With metal plated feet, the vaporiser Fred’s feet are firmly on the ground.


Important purchasing advices

Room size
We recommend a more powerful humidifier for Minergie houses (low energy or passive houses) or apartments for which calculations should be based on twice the room size. The reason for this lies in the continuous exchange of air: cold and dry outdoor air is heated up and channelled indoors. The moisture produced by people, animals, furniture, plants, cooking, showering, etc. is quickly directed outside by the continuous exchange of air, usually resulting in extremely dry air indoors. Controlled ventilation systems therefore have the same effect as open windows.

Water quality
If your water at home is very hard (from 14 °dH) or you use a water softener, we advise you not to use an ultrasonic nebuliser. With an ultrasonic nebuliser, the limescale (or the salt from the water softener) in the water will also be turned into tiny particles which will then settle as a white deposit. If you have hard water, we recommend using an evaporator (e.g. Oskar). You can find out the hardness of your water using a test strip or even by contacting your local authority.

Product family Humidifier
System Vaporiser
Color white
Accessories (included) Anti-limescale ball
Room size m² 50
Room size m³ 125
Capacity 360 g/h
Power level 2
Power consumption 150 / 300 W
Water tank capacity 3.6 l
Noise level 27 – 33 dB(A)
Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 363 x 267 x 363 mm

Good to know

Find important information here

Neither fragrance oils nor essential oils should be used with Fred. Using these types of fragrance can damage the plastic used to produce Fred and cause the appliance to malfunction.
For hygienic reasons and to ensure proper operation, we recommend the following cleaning intervals.
Attention: Never immerse the device in water (danger of short-circuit).

Daily: Fill the water tank with fresh, cold tap water. If the device is not going to be used for several days, empty the water from the water tank beforehand and if necessary, clean it with a drop of washing-up liquid and a clean cloth. Fill the water tank with fresh water before putting the device into operation again. Video Cleaning the water tank

Weekly: Remove the steam tube, open the cover using the opening aid and then lift it off and remove the water tank. Then remove the cover for the heating plate and the seal. Clean both parts with a brush. Descale the anti-limescale ball and the heating plate with anti-stick coating using a commercial descaler and then rinse well. Let everything dry completely. Reassemble the device completely with all the parts before use.

At the end of the season: Before putting away the device at the end of the season, carry out descaling as described above and in the video. Then clean it thoroughly inside and out and let it dry completely. Insert a new anti-limescale ball so that your device will be ready to be put into operation at the start of the next season.
Fred is not designed to be used with water from water softeners which add salt to the water to reduce limescale (ion exchanger). The salt changes the boiling point and the water will boil over which can lead to the deformation of Fred’s housing or to Fred losing water.

You can use commercial distilled water or mineral water as an alternative for Fred.


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CHF 25.00
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Cooles Design und tolle Luftbefeuchtung

Das Produkt sticht durch ein cooles spielerisches Design hervor und funktioniert immer top!

Review from Anonymous at 28.03.2022

[email protected]

Wann erschien Fred?

Review from Anonymous at 06.11.2021
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The Designer

Since the very start, I have had the privilege to co-develop and design products for Martin Stadler and the Stadler Form Team. What began with Fred, has grown into an attractive, small but fine range of products. This experience, and being part of the team, has greatly enriched myself and my work as a designer ...

Matti Walker

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