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Product reviews about Viktor

  • VIKTOR wirkt!

    Review of Anonym on 29.11.2016

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit Viktor. Leise und effizient. Besten Dank und Grüsse aus Zürich.

  • product instruction

    Review of Dennis jones on 29.11.2015

    Further to my previous comment which unfortunately exposed the level of my intelligence. The product is so well constructed I could not identify the control switches,If this unit performs as well as its build I will be well pleased. I still think a instruction leaflet would be a plus.

  • Made a huge difference!

    Review of Jimmy Salo on 10.10.2015

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland I bought the Air Purifier Viktor for my recording studio. The studio was very dusty because of the studio equipment. The dust was pain to clean everyday. Viktor made a difference! It´s cool looking, silent, easy to use and i love the timer on it. I can set the timer for 8h and the next day i arrive to the studio AND THE AIR ISN`T FULL OF DUST!