Frequently asked questions about Mia

No, Mia has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

Here is a list with recommendations that influence how intense the scent is noticeable:

  • Increase the amount of oil/fragrance drops in the diffuser
  • Try different kind of fragrances/essential oils. How much the scent is noticeable depends mostly on the quality of the fragrance itself (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.). It is comparable with wine; quality is everything plus the scent also changes over time. Our experience is that the best results are achieved with 100% pure essential oils of a high quality and concentration
  • The room temperature and relative air humidity influence how noticeable the scent is. The drier the environment, the less noticeable is the scent
  • A high rate of air ventilation (opening windows and/or heating/air conditioning) has a direct influence on the scent because it makes it disappear faster. Reducing the air ventilation and not putting the aroma diffuser next to an air vent helps to increase the time the scent remains in the air and thus the noticeability. This also means no tilted windows
  • Make sure the aroma diffuser is positioned where you like the scent to be most noticeable, best at least 70 cm above the floor
  • Clean the inside of the aroma diffuser at least once a week and make sure to thoroughly clean the transducer from any oil/scent residues. The transducer can be clogged which results in a lower output and less noticeability of the scent
  • Check how much water/oil mix remains in the water base: of Mia after 10 hours. In case there is more water/oil mix than just a little bit after this time, your aroma diffuser might need to be repaired

It is normal that the water inside an aroma diffuser warms up during operation. This is caused by the transducer (technical piece which produces the mist) during operation. Depending on the device and the amount of water remaining in the device, temperature can vary from 30°C to 65°C (86°F to 149°F). We strongly advise to keep the device covered with its lid. For refilling water or essential oil, please switch-off the device, unplug the power adapter and only then remove the cover to refill your aroma diffuser. Please make sure never to open the cover/lid during operation!

The appliance switches off automatically when the water container is empty. Mia will not be damaged when she runs out of water.

You can clean the water base with a common household decalcifier. Mix the decalcifier with water in line with its instructions. If you are not able to remove all the deposits, use a cleaning brush to clean the ultrasonic membrane. Please do not attempt to scratch the membrane clean with a hard item. In case of tough limescale, we recommend cleaning the device several times in a row. Make sure no water gets into the air outlet. After decalcifying, thoroughly rinse out the bottom part of the device and dry it. Clean the upper part regularly with a damp cloth.

No, if Mia is switched off, your settings will not be saved and you will have to enter them again when you switch the device back on.

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