Frequently asked questions about Emma

Emma is a personal humidifier who will humidify the air around a person. Therefore we recommend that you set up Emma next to you. As she is not designed to humidify large rooms, there is little point describing her humidification performance.

Neither fragrance oils nor essential oils should be used with Emma. Using these types of fragrance can damage the plastic used to produce Emma and cause the appliance to malfunction.

Emma can be set up next to a PC or laptop if her mist outlet is turned away from your device. In principle, electronic devices should not come into contact with water. For that reason, Emma should also be kept at a safe distance from any electronic device.

Use at least a 10,000 mA battery pack/power bank in order to guarantee optimum runtime (up to 8 hours on the lowest setting) and press the battery pack/power bank button to connect the battery pack/power bank and switch on Emma.

The appliance switches off automatically when the water bottle is empty. Emma will not be damaged when she runs out of water.

Yes. Emma can be operated using distilled water without any problems.

There are three reasons why Emma may be leaking.

  • If the full water bottle is placed on the housing and taken off again several times in succession, a little bit of water will run into the tray each time. As a result of this, the tray will eventually overflow.
  • If the water tray is tilted sideways when removing the bottle at an angle and water gets into the air outlet opening in the process.
  • If Emma is carried around when the water tray and water bottle are full, the water can overflow. In principle, in order to stop water from getting into Emma’s housing, she should not be carried around when the bottle is full or only very carefully in an upright position.

However if water should leak out and get into the housing, you should disconnect the power cable immediately. Empty all the water out and then leave Emma to dry for at least 24 hours before putting her into operation again.

No, Emma has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

Emma cleaning

We recommend that you clean Emma at least once a month. Important: No water should be allowed to get into the air outlet opening (1). Therefore the water tank should be removed by lifting it straight up. Some dripping may occur in the process due to the birdbath principle. The water tank (bottle) and water tray can then be cleaned separately.

Before you can clean Emma’s water tray, you have to remove her cover. You will then be able to empty the tray via the front of the tray where the mist outlet is located. Clean the tray using descaling agent or vinegar, then rinse it out thoroughly. Tip: Put some descaling agent or vinegar onto the cleaning brush provided in order to be able to clean the opening (2) as well as the water gauge (3) in the tray. After cleaning, rinse out the brush thoroughly and leave it to dry.

Fill the water bottle with warm water and then scrub the inside with a sponge or a brush. If there are lime deposits in the bottle, you should also use a household descaling agent or vinegar for cleaning. Then rinse out the bottle thoroughly and leave it to dry. Tip: Before using a sponge or brush, pour some descaling agent into the bottle, close tightly and shake well. This will dissolve the limescale quickly and easily.

Unscrew the tank cap, fill the tank with tap water mixed with decalcifying agent (mixing ratio according to the manufacturer's instructions). Then close the water tank and shake it thoroughly. Before opening the tank, press the valve in the middle of the tank cap to release the pressure. Then empty the tank and rinse it thoroughly with tap water. If necessary, remove residues with a household brush.

For hygienic reasons and to ensure proper operation, we recommend the following cleaning intervals.
Attention: Never immerse the appliance in water (danger of short- circuit).

Daily: Fill the water tank with fresh, cold tap water. If the appliance is not used for several days, empty the water from the water tray beforehand and if necessary, clean it with a bit of dish detergent and a clean cloth. Fill fresh water into the water tank, before putting the appliance back into operation.

Every 4 weeks: Clean the bottle and the water tray.
Clean the bottle by using warm water, a drop of washing-up liquid and a brush or sponge. Then rinse out the bottle thoroughly. If there are lime deposits in the bottle or on the lid of the bottle, we recommend that you use a household descaling agent or vinegar.

To clean the water tray, remove the cover from the housing. Empty the water tray via the front of the tray – where the mist outlet is located. This will prevent water from entering the air outlet opening. Now clean the tray using warm water and the cleaning brush provided. If there are lime deposits in the water tray, we recommend that you use Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler. Alternatively, you can use a household descaling agent or vinegar. Then rinse the tray thoroughly.

No water may enter the air outlet opening. This will damage the appliance and will void any claim to the warranty.

Regularly as required: For external cleaning, rub with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly.

At the end of the season: Before putting away the appliance at the end of the season, decalcify as described above. Then clean it thoroughly inside and out and let it dry completely.

No, if Emma is switched off, your settings will not be saved and you will have to enter them again when you switch the device back on.

Should you see droplets (or other signs of dampness) on or around the appliance, this is condensed water from the humidifier. This means that the air can no longer absorb the moisture from the humidifier. Please lower the humidification output so that droplets are no longer visible.

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