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Fred must be decalcified regularly once a week or every fortnight, depending on the lime content. You can use a common household decalcifier (follow the decalcifier instructions) or normal vinegar. Dilute the decalcifier with the same amount of water and pour it onto the heating plate (see picture on the left). Leave the decalcifier to work depending on the extent of the limescale. Do not switch on the device during this process! Carefully pour out the decalcifier afterwards and remove any remaining limescale with the soft side of a sponge. Also decalcify the lid of the heating plate, the sealing ring and the lid handle. After all these parts and the heating plate have been well rinsed your Fred is ready for use again.

How to remove calc

For hygienic reasons and to ensure proper operation, we recommend the following cleaning intervals.
Attention: Never immerse the appliance in water (danger of short- circuit).

Daily: Fill the water tank with fresh, cold tap water. If the appliance is not used for several days, empty the water from the water tray beforehand and if necessary, clean it with a bit of dish detergent and a clean cloth. Fill fresh water into the water tank, before putting the appliance back into operation.

Weekly: Remove the steam tube, open the cover using the opening aid and lift it off, remove the water tank. Then remove the cover for the heating plate and the sealing. Clean both parts with a brush. Descale the anti-limescale ball and the heating plate with the anti stick coating using a commercial descaler and rinse well afterwards. Reassemble appliance completely with all parts before reusing it.

Regularly as required: Rinse the water tank well at regular intervals. For external cleaning, rub with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly.

At the end of the season: Before putting away the appliance at the end of the season, run the cleaning mode. Then clean it thoroughly inside and out and let it dry completely. Insert a new anti-limescale ball in order for your appliance to be ready for the start of the next season.

Fred is not meant to use water from decalcifying systems, to which salt is added to reduce lime in water (ion exchanger). The salt changes the boiling point. With Fred, the water boils over and leads to deformation and damage to the casing. If the decalcifying system works on the principle of reverse osmosis, this water can be used without hesitation. Distilled water also works perfectly well.

Check if there is an outdoor tap that is not connected to the decalcifying system. Take your water for Fred from there. Another possibility is to use distilled water or mineral water from a shop.

First check the setting of the hygrostat. It may have to be set higher because the desired humidity has already been reached. Clean and decalcify the heating plate as well as the lid and sealing ring on a regular basis to ensure flawless operation. Check whether the heating plate warms up. If it remains cold, return your Fred to the retailer shop where you bought it to have the heating plate replaced.

There are two possible causes for this:

  1. Check whether your water pipe is connected to a decalcifying system. If so, this is the cause. See “How can I still use Fred despite having a decalcifying system?” for how you can use Fred in this case.
  2. Decalcify and clean Fred thoroughly. There may be a build-up of limescale. If you have recently decalcified Fred, make sure that the heating plate, lid and sealing ring have been rinsed well and that there are no decalcifier deposits still in Fred.

Please note the same two points mentioned under “Why is water leaking from my Fred?”

Yes, it switches back on automatically after the power supply is interrupted.

Yes, your settings will be saved. If Fred is switched off and then on again, the most recent settings used will be applied.

Floater of humidifier Fred

Check first whether the float gauge (red arrow) can easily be moved up and down. It may be blocked due to limescale/dirt. Decalcify the water base regularly to ensure trouble-free operation.

Neither fragrance oils nor essential oils should be used with Fred. Using these types of fragrance can damage the plastic used to produce Fred and cause the appliance to malfunction.

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