Usha Müller , 19.05.2021

Which cooling fan is the best: tips for buying

Basically, a fan should perform a simple task: bring cooling. But the selection of devices for cooling is large. Finding the right fan is not easy, because every device has advantages and disadvantages.

If you can't decide which fan best suits your needs, read this post or watch the following video. The different models and their features are presented in the video.

Pedestal fan Charly stand by Stadler Form

The classic: pedestal fan

Usually, standing fans can be adjusted in height and they can circulate a lot of air. The special thing about standing fans is the oscillation, which means that the head of the fan swings slowly from one side to the other. This allows the cooling air to be optimally distributed in the room.

Tower fan Peter by Stadler Form

The space-saving: tower fan

Tower fans are increasing in popularity because they take up very little space due to their slim appearance. Due to their design, they can circulate the air ideally because they cover a large area. Tower fans are generally quieter than traditional pedestal fans but can also circulate a little less air as a result. Tower fans are ideal if you want to get a cool breeze during a restful sleep.

Floor fan Otto by Stadler Form

The strong one: floor fan

As the name suggests, these fans are placed on the floor. Depending on your needs, floor fans can also be placed on a sideboard and look really good there. The higher the speed is set, the louder a fan becomes. Usually, floor fans are equipped with 3 to 5 speed levels. In the meantime, there are even fans with continuously variable speed setting on the market.

3D air circulator by Stadler Form

The all-rounder: 3D air circulator

Do you want a refreshment all around? Not only selective or horizontal? Then this type of fan is the best choice. The 3D air circulator can swing both horizontally and vertically at the same time, meaning from right to left and from top to bottom, and thus distributes the fresh air evenly throughout the entire room. Whether placed on the floor, the table or a sideboard – the 3D air circulator ensures refreshing cooling from anywhere!

Table fan Tim bei Stadler Form

The personal one: table fan

Table fans are perfect if you want to place the fan close to you and want to position the airflow precisely. They are small and can therefore be taken anywhere, no matter where you are – in the office or at home. Some are even equipped with a USB cable and can thus be connected to a battery pack (power bank). Important: a table fan is a personal fan. They are not suitable for circulating air in entire rooms.


Easy cleaning

Our Stadler Form fans are easy to open with a screwdriver. This makes it very easy to clean the fan blades.

Do you have any questions about buying a fan or another Stadler Form device? Would you like some advice? We are here for you!
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