Accessories for Eva little

  • Ionic Silver Cube

    • Patented Swiss technology, prevents the growth of bacteria and germs
    • Activated immediately on contact with water and is ideal for ultrasonic systems, evaporators and air washers
    • Suitable for use with units made by any manufacturer
    • The lifetime of the Ionic Silver Cube is around one year
    CHF 19.90 * 19,90 EUR * USD 19.90 * Find a store
  • Essential oils

    • Three 100% pure essential oils with the blends REFRESH, RELAX, REVIVE
    • Manufactured from high-quality plant essences by fragrance specialists in Switzerland and packaged by hand
    • Oils originate from ecologically sustainable production, are NOT tested on animals and contain NO synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens
    • REFRESH invigorates the senses and creates a positive mood. Smells pleasantly lemon-like and refreshing
    • RELAX releases tension and has a calming effect. Pleasant smell of lavender, wood and a light citrus note
    • REVIVE brings freshness and has a warming effect. Smells pleasantly of pine and light-tartly
    CHF 14.90 * 13,90 EUR * USD 16.90 * Find a store
  • Anticalc cartridge

    • Avoids the irritating white dust produced by ultrasonic systems
    • Makes hard water soft and reduced undesirable emissions of calcium particles
    • Effective for one to three months, depending on water hardness
    • Suitable for all ultrasonic systems with compatible water tank lid
    CHF 19.90 * 19,90 EUR * USD 19.50 * Find a store