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Eva little

The small, strong nebulizer

  • Fast and efficient humidification thanks to Adaptive Humidity™ technology

  • Small footprint and yet high performance

  • Tray for essential oils to diffuse fragrance into the room

Despite her delicate stature, Eva little is very powerful. With a footprint of just two bars of chocolate, the little one disperses 320 ml of moisture into the air. Eva little uses ultrasound technology to generate a visible mist that quickly increases the room's air humidity. The integrated hygrostat measures air humidity and adjusts it to the set value. Excessive humidification is therefore not a worry. The intelligent little air humidifier automatically, quietly, and efficiently achieves the target air humidity using adaptive humidification. Essential oils for aromatherapy can be used in the compartment designed specifically for this purpose. Eva little is rounded off with an anti-limescale cartridge and the cube for fresh water.

Does an air humidifier protect against the coronavirus?


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