Frequently asked questions about Eva

The two dots show that the Remote Sensor™ has lost the connection to Eva. The Remote Sensor™ is the external sensor that measures the humidity in the room and that can also be used as a remote control. Without a connection to the Remote Sensor™, Eva can no longer measure the humidity precisely. To restore the radio connection, press any button on the Remote Sensor™ (apart from On/Off).  If the two dots are still visible on Eva’s display, check that the distance between the Remote Sensor™ and Eva is approx. 3 to 5 m. Walls and floors between Eva and the Remote Sensor™ can disrupt the radio connection. Another reason for the lack of connection is when the batteries in the Remote Sensor™ need replacing. Replace the two AAA batteries with new ones and then activate the Remote Sensor™ by pressing any button on the Remote Sensor™ (apart from On/Off). The current humidity value should now be shown on Eva’s display

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