Frequently asked questions about Lea

When delivered, Lea has 3 rechargeable AA batteries included. They are recharged when the power cable is connected. If you wish to use non-rechargeable batteries, do not use the power cable. When using the power cable together with non-rechargeable batteries, there is a risk of fire and explosion!

If the batteries are empty, all the LEDs flash for an hour. Please connect Lea to a power supply by means of the power cable or USB adapter (included in with Lea).

Lea scents the room optimally when she is positioned at a height of at least 70 cm off the floor. If Lea is placed on a table, next to a washbasin or on a sideboard, the scent is best perceived. Ideally, you position Lea where you spent the most time. This way you can best enjoy the scenting.

The intensity and distribution of the fragrance depend on various factors:

  • The type of fragrance (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.)
  • The room temperature and relative air humidity
  • Battery operation or operation with the mains power cable (performance is increased with the use of the mains power cable)

Operate Lea with the mains power cable and in continuous mode (interval and daylight mode are switched off) to increase the intensity of the aroma diffusion. The smaller the room, the more intensive the scent will be.

These factors also affect the length of time before the scent has been used up.

You can use any common household fragrance, aroma oils or essential oils where the bottles contain 10 ml. It is important that the lid of the bottle and any possible dropper are removed. An empty 10 ml bottle is included with Lea for you to fill this with your favourite scent.

The batteries are not fully charged. Charge Lea before initial operation for at least 24 hours with the USB mains cable. Afterwards can Lea be switched on with fully charged batteries.

Lea must be charged at least for 24 hours before she is operated for the first time, even when the battery charge level indicator will show 4 LED. This is to ensure the batteries are fully charged.

Lea runs for up to 24 hours in continuous mode and for up to 72 hours in interval mode.

Add a little water to the fragrance bottle. By doing so, the oil rises to the surface of the water and can be completely diffused.

Only use rechargeable batteries to operate Lea if you are using it with the mains cable. Using the mains cable and non-rechargeable batteries at the same time will result in the risk of fire and explosion!

Either the interval or the daylight mode is activated, this can be seen on the intermittent LED. In interval mode, Lea scents the room for 10 minutes and then switches off for 20 minutes (the middle LED flashes during the 20 minutes it is off). In daylight mode, Lea automatically switches on when it is light and, after about 2 minutes, switches off when it is dark (the daylight sensor is on the back). The right LED flashes during the activated daylight mode if Lea receives too little light.

You have to remove the lid and any possible dropper from the fragrance bottle. Use bottles with a maximum of 10 ml. Bottles that are too big can be the reason why the upper part cannot be positioned correctly. Look at the Stadler Form logo, which is a guide for positioning the upper part properly.

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